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New Road Quotes

An old road always looks richer and more beautiful than a new road because old roads have memories!
— Mehmet Murat ildan —

Yet if there's one thing I know with absolute certainty, both personally and professionally, it is this: Nothing will change in our lives until we change our own behavior. Insight won't do it. Understanding why we do the self-defeating things we do won't make us stop doing them. Nagging and pleading with the other person to change won't do it. We have to act. We have to take the first step down a new road.

— Susan Forward

The unheard to hear-the unseen to see-the more to be understood: transparency. A purposeful guiding to a place of progression where ends come together and a bridge exists for the seeking to cross over onto a road of new and lasting hope.

— Calvin W. Allison

An old road always looks richer and more beautiful than a new road because old roads have memories!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

Being on the road is a great habitat for creating new music because there's so many different experiences.

— Kip Moore

When the road turns to the right, turn to the right! But if you are not happy with the road, turn to the left, leave the road! Find a new road; create a new path! Don't follow the road on which you feel unhappy!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

Dying is a wild night and a new road.

— Emily Dickinson

I understand how every healthy child, every new road, puts a country on a better path, but instability and war will arise from time to time, and I'm not an expert on how you get out of those things.

— Bill Gates

I returned to civilization shortly after that and went to Cornell to teach, and my first impression was a very strange one. I can't understand it any more, but I felt very strongly then. I sat in a restaurant in New York, for example, and I looked out at the buildings and I began to think, you know, about how much the radius of the Hiroshima bomb damage was and so forth ... How far from here was 34th street? ... All those buildings, all smashed - and so on. And I would go along and I would see people building a bridge, or they'd be making a new road, and I thought, they're crazy, they just don't understand, they don't understand. Why are they making new things? It's so useless.
But, fortunately, it's been useless for almost forty years now, hasn't it? So I've been wrong about it being useless making bridges and I'm glad those other people had the sense to go ahead.

— Richard Feynman

I miss the ocean. I miss diving into the cold water and coming out a new man. On the road it's hard to get that feeling. Showers are okay, but there's nothing quite like being in the ocean.

— Angus Stone

Self-righteousness exclaims, "I will not be saved in God's way; I will make a new road to heaven; I will not bow before God's grace; I will not accept the atonement which God has wrought out in the person of Jesus; I will be my own redeemer; I will enter heaven by my own strength, and glorify my own merits." The Lord is very wroth against self-righteousness. I do not know of anything against which His fury burneth more than against this, because this touches Him in a very tender point, it insults the glory and honor of His Son Jesus Christ.

— Charles Spurgeon

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