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Never Get Back Quotes

You can return all the Christmas gifts you want, but you will never get back the time spent with your relatives.
— Andy Borowitz —

No matter what I do now, there are certain doors I have already closed, certain opportunities I'll never get back. There's nothing to be done, I guess. It is what it is.

— Blake Nelson


— Qwana M. BabyGirl Reynolds-Frasier

Someone or something that wastes your time, makes you lose a part of your life. One you can never get back.

— Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

There are some things in this world you can never get back ... There's no reclaiming that piece of the past. Don't you think it'd be better to abandon it completely and consider instead what you did wrong and learn from it?

— Fuyumi Ono

I mourn the piece of myself that I gave away and will never get back

— Maggi Myers

There are some things that once you've lost, you never get back. Innocence is one. Love is another. I guess childhood is a third.

— John Marsden

If you are late, you are wasting precious moments of another person's life. Moments they can never get back!

— Rowan Coleman

In my experience, milady, we can never get back to exactly where we started, no matter how hard we try.

— Lois McMaster Bujold

There were times, sure, I wanted my career to go better. But once it starts to go downhill, you can never get back, or only to some degree.

— Lauren Bacall

When you gain 50 pounds during pregnancy like I did, you fear that you'll never get back in shape.

— Charisma Carpenter

Man can start with aversion and end with love, but if he begins with love and comes round to aversion he will never get back to love.

— Honoré De Balzac

This is a tragedy for the players. Their careers are short and this is money and opportunity they'll never get back.

— Gary Bettman

Ah!" I cried, springing up. "But no! no! My uncle shall never know it. He would insist upon doing it too. He would want to know all about it. Ropes could not hold him, such a determined geologist as he is! He would start, he would, in spite of everything and everybody, and he would take me with him, and we should never get back. No, never! never!" My over-excitement was beyond all description.

— Jules Verne

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