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Neuter Quotes

I had just put my arms around him in a hug of gratitude when the door opened behind me without a knock. "Am I interrupting something?" a coolly pissed, accented voice asked. This time, my glance heavenward was in silent challenge. Is that how it is? Fine, then, bring it! Lets see what youve got! Timmie jumped like hed been stabbed. "Ungh!" I didnt know what that meant, but the sight of him leaping away with a hand shielding his groin had me turning around in irritation. "Dammit, tell him youre not going to neuter him!" Bones folded his arms and regarded Timmie without pity. "Why?" I gave him an evil look. "Because if you dont, Im going to get really, really celibate.
— Jeaniene Frost —

The Terrible Truth is that brutality is part of human nature, and all the laws in the world can't neuter it.

— Greg Iles

Todd was neuter, it seemed, except for the near-orgasmic pleasure he took from his formulas. Cono guessed that only a person who didn't really care for people could find personalities in equations, and friends in matrices. Todd spoke of data sets as if they were current or future lovers. Cono admired him for his ability to find joy beyond the secretory impulses that controlled most humans.

— Victor Robert Lee

They rode on. The horses trudged sullenly the alien ground and the round earth rolled beneath them silently milling the greater void wherein they were contained. In the neuter austerity of that terrain all phenomena were bequeathed a strange equality and no one thing nor spider nor stone nor blade of grass could put forth claim to precedence. The very clarity of these articles belied their familiarity, for the eye predicates the whole on some feature or part and here was nothing more luminous than another and nothing more enshadowed and in the optical democracy of such landscapes all preference is made whimsical and a man and a rock become endowed with unguessed kinships.

— Cormac McCarthy

The Fflict recognized five genders: male, female, zhial, yal, and neuter. Aul was zhial, and ze liked zis pronouns accurately stated. I would too, in zis position.

— John Scalzi

You know," she said to Ferbus, "I've been thinking."
"Well, there's a first time for everything."
Not in the mood for his antics, Lex grabbed a pair of scissors and brandished them in his face. "I really suggest you rid your work space of sharp objects, we wouldn't want any unfortunate castrations, now would we?"
"Driggs!" Ferbus yelled into the spidery Lair, where Driggs had wandered to get away from their constant squabbling. "Your partner is threatening to neuter me!"
"Yeah, she does that," Driggs said from within.

— Gina Damico

In fact, she had the neuter-gender quality of an angel.

— Anne Rice

The Sexual Revolution offered us women this deal: you can particiapate in higher education and the labor market, as long as you agree to chemically neuter yourselves during your twenties, and endure expensive, humiliating, and possibly dangerous infertility treatment during your thirties and forties.

— Jennifer Morse

Elections cannot inconvenience me. They ratify my will or I neuter them.

— George Hearst

A wise neuter joins with neither, but uses both as his honest interest leads him.

— William Penn

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