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Good ideas need good strategy to realize their potential.
— Reid Hoffman —

Yes, we have to seek redemption! Redemption from the divisive politics based on caste and religion, redemption from the corruption which is eating our lives like termites, redemption from misery of poverty, redemption from the sins of our venal politicians. We need good governance and accountability. An individual has to fight for the things he rightfully deserves. People do not need crutches of any kind if the basic conditions of nation are conducive to their growth. It's ridiculous; people are first deprived of basic amenities, denied their dues and then offered carrots to benefit the vote bank politics.

— Madhu Vajpayee

I need good coffee!" I say in horror. "It's my only luxury!"
I can't live with my parents and drink bad coffee. It's not humanly possible.
Becky talking about cutting back with her parents.

— Sophie Kinsella

Know how to choose. Most things in life depend on it. You need good taste and an upright judgement; intelligence and application are not enough. There is no perfection without discernment and selection.

— Baltasar Gracian Y Morales

Primates need good nutrition, to begin with. Not only fruits and plants, but insects as well.

— Richard Leakey

I haven't done a marathon for a long time. So we'll see. I will need good luck.

— Haile Gebrselassie

We are now preparing for the reform of the yuan's exchange rate system. For such reforms to take place, we need good economic conditions ... and we need to do it under tight control.

— Wu Yi

I like to watch 'Grey's Anatomy' when I'd doing cardio. But, sometimes I do need good music to get me moving. I like high energy songs by artists like Justin Timberlake and Rihanna.

— Alison Sweeney

People need good lies. There are too many bad ones.

— Kurt Vonnegut

But not to worry. Those of you who have no need to be worried should not in the least be worried. As for those of you who should be worried, it's a little late to start worrying now, you should have started months ago, when it could've done you some good, because at this point, what's decided is decided, or would have been decided, if those false rumors we are denying, the rumors about the firings which would be starting this week if they were slated to begin, were true, which we have jut told you, they aren't. (63)

— George Saunders

We need good titles.

— Henry Miller

The news business is simple but it's not easy to do well. You know the story, you have to cover it, you need pictures, you need good writers, you have to get it to the screen but it's obviously not easy to do well.

— Jai Courtney

You need good coaches with a good gym that teach you the essentials, like boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and pretty much all the stuff that you need to be successful in MMA.

— Cain Velasquez

Cast out envy; you can have all that you want, and you need not envy any man what he has. Above all things, see to it that you do not hold malice or enmity toward any one; to do so cuts you off from the mind whose treasures you seek to make your own. Lay aside all narrow personal ambition and determine to seek the highest good.

— Wallace D. Wattles

You need good energy and you need to be fit because it's very tiring. A lot of the work is quite heavy and quite smelly. That's why girls drift out of the kitchen because they get fed up smelling like fish and vegetables and things like that.

— Paul Rankin

I think functioning as a business manager can be a hindrance to having a real dialogue with the artist. I do think that artists need good lawyers and accountants, because they're dealing with serious money. But an artist who stands behind a manager? That's a little different. I think that can be a bad buffer.

— Larry Gagosian

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