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Nation Quotes

We will not leave this nation at the mercy of YouTube and Facebook
— Recep Tayyip Erdogan —

We are a nation of shop keepers.

— Apsley Cherry-Garrard

A nation may be moved by its statesmen and defined by its military but it's usually remembered for its artists.

— John Steinbeck

The primary thing I should do, apart from being a good husband, brother, son, and friend, is to be a citizen activist. But I'm afraid it takes away from the writing. Not that anything depends on whether I put an essay in 'The Nation' or not. But you want to participate.

— Tony Kushner

A nation is only an individual multiplied. It makes plans and Circumstances comes and upsets them-or enlarges them. Some patriots throw the tea overboard; some other patriots destroy a Bastille. The PLANS stop there; then Circumstance comes in, quite unexpectedly, and turns these modest riots into a revolution.
And there was poor Columbus. He elaborated a deep plan to find a new route to an old country. Circumstance revised his plan for him, and he found a new WORLD. And HE gets the credit of it to this day. He hadn't anything to do with it.

— Mark Twain

Bipolar disorder is so swept under the rug as a nation and, I think especially, by black people. It's not our culture to go get therapy. 'Give them medicine for what?' We put people in court, put them in court again, versus really paying attention to what it is they are going through.

— Trai Byers

The beliefs expressed in the Declaration of Independence remain a standard for our nation today. They also remain a standard for those nations across the globe striving to achieve democracy.

— Paul Gillmor

I'm a one-nation Tory.

— Boris Johnson

The president is the leader of the nation. The president brings people together, does the deals, does the trades, knocks the heads together. The president leads.

— Mitt Romney

It's all in the genes: an explanation for the way things are that does not threaten the way things are. Why should someone feel unhappy or engage in antisocial behavior when that person is living in the freest and most prosperous nation on earth? It can't be the system! There must be a flaw in the wiring somewhere.

— Louis Menand

When a nation which has long groaned under the intolerable yoke of a tyrant rises at last and throws off its chains, do you call that weakness? The man who, to rescue his house from the flames, finds his physical strength redoubled, so that he lifts burdens with ease which in the absence of excitement he could scarcely move; he who under the rage of an insult attacks and puts to flight half a score of his enemies,-are such persons to be called weak? My good friend, if resistance be strength, how can the highest degree of resistance be a weakness?

— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

It is a stern fact of history that no nation that rushed to the abyss ever turned back. Not ever, in the long history of the world. We are now on the edge of the abyss. Can we, for the first time in history, turn back? It is up to you.

— Taylor Caldwell

I have been told many times that when I win I make my people proud to be Australian. I am Aboriginal, I am one of them and every time I win or am honoured like this it should be an example to Aboriginal people who may think they have nowhere to go but down. But more importantly I am an Australian and I would like to make all Australians feel proud to be Australian. Ours is a truly multicultural society and should be united as such. I would like to believe that my successes are celebrated by all Australians, bringing our nation together.

— Cathy Freeman

You cannot fully understand your own life without knowing and thinking beyond your life, your own neighborhood, and even your own nation.

— Johnnetta B. Cole

Canada, more than any nation, will be affected by rising sea levels from global warming.

— David Suzuki

This is an election of hope. It is bringing a new trust. These elections will give new strength to the nation.

— Narendra Modi

Our nation is rich and our people can be rich. 2014 elections is a fight against poverty.

— Narendra Modi

Self-confidence is not pride. Just the contrary: only a person or a nation that is self-confident, in the best sense of the word, is capable of listening to others, accepting them as equals, forgiving its enemies and regretting its own guilt.

— Vaclav Havel

At the present moment in world history nearly every nation must choose between alternative ways of life. The choice is too often not a free one.

— Harry S. Truman

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