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My Headache Quotes

I rub the weariness from my eyes and try to ignore my headache—I could use some rest.
— Marie Lu —

Did you love well what you very soon left? Come home and take me in your arms and take away this stomach ache, headache, heartache.

— Marilyn Hacker

The truth, to the overwhelming majority of mankind, is indistinguishable from a headache.

— Isaac Hooke

Come home with me, Acheron. I'll make it well worth your while. (Artemis)
I have a headache. (Acheron)
You've had a headache for two hundred years! (Artemis)
And you've had PMS for eleven thousand. (Acheron)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

Headache!" Zeus bellowed. "Bad. bad headache!"
As if to prove his point, the lord of the universe slammed his face into his pancakes, which demolished the pancakes and the plate and put a crack in the table, but did nothing for his headache.
"Aspirin?" Apollo suggested. (he was the god of healing)
"Nice cup og tea?" Hestia suggested
"I could split your skull open," offered Hephaestus, the blacksmith god
"Hephaestus!" Hera cried. "Don't talk to your father that way!"
"What?" Hephaestus demanded "Clearly he's got a problem in there. I could open up the hood and take a look. Might relieve the pressure. Besides, he's immortal. It won't kill him

— Rick Riordan

Am I giving you a headache? I think.
You are a headache.

— Kiersten White

You can give yourself a headache trying to decipher the tattoos on a naked man who's leaping up and down on a bed.

— John Irving

Like an attack this melancholy comes from time to time. I don't know at what intervals, and slowly covers my sky with clouds. It begins with an unrest in the heart, with a premonition of anxiety, probably with my dreams at night. People, houses, colors, sounds that otherwise please me become dubious and seem false. Music gives me a headache. All my mail becomes upsetting and contains hidden arrows. At such times, having to converse with people is torture and immediately leads to scenes ... Anger, suffering, and complaints are directed at everything, at people, at animals, at the weather, at God, at the paper in the book one is reading, at the material of the very clothing one has on. But anger, impatience, complaints and hatred have no effect on things and are deflected from everything, back to myself.

— Hermann Hesse

Living in New York is like being at some terrible late-night party. You're tired, you've had a headache since you arrived, but you can't leave because then you'd miss the party.

— Simon Hoggart

My job is making money, helping other people make money. I am spending money, trying to make sure more people get rich, because you cannot spend a lot of money, right? So my job is spending money, helping others. This is a headache.

— Jack Ma

Richard rubbed his temples. He had a headache from lack of sleep. "Don't you understand? This isn't about conquering lands and taking things from others; this is about fighting oppression."
The general rested a boot on the gilded rung of a chair and hooked a thumb behind his wide belt. "I don't see much difference. From my experience, the Master Rahl always thinks he knows best, and always wants to rule the world. You are your father's son. War is war. Reasons make no difference to us; we fight because we are told to, same as those on the other side. Reasons mean little to a man swinging his sword, trying to keep his head.

— Terry Goodkind

Is there some kind of subtext to our current conversation? Because, as you might know, I am absolutely terrible with subtext. It gives me a headache."
"You can't get headaches,"
"Well I can't get subtext either. Far too subtle for me.

— Brandon Sanderson

It gives me my headache just trying to think down to your level

— Douglas Adams

Directing is a reactionary job more than a creation job. The job is to react whether it's moment one, the first time you read the script or see an article or read a book or notice something happen on the street and have an idea for a movie, and it just continues from there on in. You're just reacting to dialogue, a performance, an audition, a headache, a piece of furniture, a piece of clothing.

— Jason Reitman

All I expect are wins and to get pleasure from the game. And if someone thinks something about me, if someone's dissatisfied with something ... that's not my headache. I hope someday I'll become World Champion - and I'll make all these people happy. But even if for some reason that doesn't happen it won't stop me getting pleasure from chess. I'm sure of that.

— Magnus Carlsen

I could never say in the morning, "I have a headache and cannot do thus and so". Headache or no headache, thus and so had to be done.

— Eleanor Roosevelt

She writes that one of the moments that she felt most useful was when her mother had a headache, and she would stroke her head and rub her forehead. And I think Eleanor Roosevelt's entire life was dedicated to two things: (one) making it better for all people, people in trouble and in need, like her family.

— Blanche Wiesen Cook

When you are lying awake with a dismal headache, and repose is tabooed by anxiety, I conceive you may use any language you choose to indulge in without impropriety.

— W.S. Gilbert

If you have a headache every Monday morning when it is time for you to go to work, perhaps you're driving the wrong car, perhaps you're taking the wrong route, or you may be in the wrong line of work. Obviously, only you can figure out the message.

— Christiane Northrup

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