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My Groom Quotes

Did you read where the great-grandson of Nathan Hale got married this weekend? Give me liberty or give me death. Thats what the groom will be saying in about one month.
— J.R. Moehringer —

Lia let out a low growl and moved her arrow to the base of his fat throat. "What do you think, Gabi? Would you like to see these nuptials through?"
"Not this day," I said
"How about on the morrow?" Marcello asked, smiling and lifting my hand to his lips. "If I am your groom?"
"Hold that eHarmony thought," Lia whispered in English. "We gotta get out of here.

— Lisa Tawn Bergren

There's nothing more useless in the world than a groom just before the wedding.

— Terry Pratchett

Good God, what happened to ye?" Shelton dropped the bucket of water he was carrying, unmindful that it spilled across the barn floor.
"I fell." Dougal picked up a brush and began to groom Poseidon.
Shelton gave a silent whistle. "Fell into what? A hammer?"
"Something like that.

— Karen Hawkins

Being in the consumer business helps us groom talent in areas like marketing, finance and logistics. We can benchmark our outsourcing business to our consumer business and its best practices.

— Azim Premji

Democracy tells us not to neglect a good man's opinion, even if he is our groom; tradition asks us not to neglect a good man's opinion, even if he is our father.

— G.K. Chesterton

Top-half students may use the Groom Room. Bottom-half students should use the time to reflect upon their mediocrity!

— Soman Chainani

Companies who have been able to groom CEOs internally have done significantly better. We came to the conclusion that the quality of several of the reviewed internal candidates was so high that it did not merit to go outside.

— Jorma Ollila

People have one year after the wedding to send a gift. Thank-you notes must be written immediately. If you don't receive an acknowledgment within three months, phone and ask if it was received. If the bride and groom are embarrassed, fine. They deserve to be.

— Ann Landers

The bride, white of hair, is stooped over her cane Her faltering footsteps need guiding. While down the church aisle, with wan toothless smile, The groom in a wheelchair comes riding. And who is this elderly couple you ask? You'll find, when you've closely explored it, That here is that rare, most conservative pair, Who waited 'til they could afford it.

— Richard Armour

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