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My Best Singer Quotes

Once I wrote Atmosphere, I thought, This is my story; its me and my life and what Ive gone through to get to where I am. Im not the best singer, but still. All of my albums are personal, but putting myself out there and singing is one more thing that makes me vulnerable - one more thing that people can fire shots at.
— Kaskade —

Sinatra was the biggest influence on my life, my singing career. And rightly so. I mean he was the best singer ever.

— James Darren

I'm not the best singer, but I like the way I sing my songs.

— Benmont Tench

I'm not the best singer in the world; I'm just good at picking up what I want to sound like.

— Shawn Mendes

My mom worked as a pharmacist, but she is one of the best storytellers I know. My sister is a gospel and opera singer and my brother, who passed away, was a writer.

— Tunde Adebimpe

I would be happy at a piano bar, singing. I just want to home in on being the best singer I can be.

— Debby Boone

I once wrote a short story called 'The Best Blues Singer in the World,' and it went like this: 'The streets that Balboa walked were his own private ocean, and Balboa was drowning.' End of story. That says it all. Nothing else to say. I've been rewriting that same story over and over again. All my plays are rewriting that same story.

— August Wilson

Don't expect fame to come overnight. That filtered through to me in my own career. Look at Madonna: she's not the best singer in the world, but she's got where she has through hard work.

— Rick Astley

For my money, Tony Bennett is the best singer in the business. He excites me when I watch him. He moves me. He's the singer who gets across what the composer has in mind, and probably a little more.

— Frank Sinatra

I was only a folk singer for about two years ... . By that time, it wasn't really folk music anymore. It was some new American phenomenon. Later, they called it singer/songwriters. Or art songs, which I liked best. Some people get nervous about that word. Art. They think it's a pretentious word from the giddyap. To me, ... the word art has never lost its vitality.

— Joni Mitchell

I think the kids always they look forward to be always the big stars. Not only football, any profession. They want to be the best, singer, they want to be the best political, only the stars. But I think sometime the life give you opportunity, and long to be a big star, but you don't need to be a big star, you need to be beautiful, excellent man. Human being. This is the first.

— Pele

A song is no song unless the circumstance is free and fine. If a singer sing from a sense of duty or from seeing no way to escape,I had rather have none. Those only can sleep who do not care to sleep; and those only write or speak best who do not too much respect the writing or the speaking.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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