My 31 Birthday Quotes

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My 31 Birthday Quotes

One of the best moments is right here (during History Tour in Copenhagen, on his birthday in 1997). Right here. Its right in the middle of the show and its my birthday and Im thousands of miles away from my family. When they surprised me with the full marching band and then they brought out this huge, beautiful birthday cake.. I realized that Ive got family all over the world. Everywhere I go, because my fans really show me the love and I love them just as much.
— Michael Jackson —

Old age breeds the miracle of recall. You have no short-term memory atall; you can't remember what you did minutes ago, but you can recall with exquisite clarity what you did on your fifth birthday and how it all felt.

— Vicki Covington

I believe it was Shakespeare, or possibly Howard Cosell, who first observed that marriage is very much like a birthday candle, in that 'the flames of passion burn brightest when the wick of intimacy is first ignited by the disposable butane lighter of physical attraction, but sooner or later the heat of familiarity causes the wax of boredom to drip all over the vanilla frosting of novelty and the shredded coconut of romance.' I could not have phrased it better myself.

— Dave Barry

I can put my legs behind my head and sing 'Happy Birthday.' Because that's something that me and my friends used to do when we were in gymnastics class as kids, and I can still do it. I was doing it since I was 8 and 9. They used to call me Gumby. Very bendy.

— Emmy Rossum

My birthday is a day when all I want is to bask in the love of my family and rarely accept offers for concerts and shows if they are to be held on this day.

— Kailash Kher

Jeems was their body servant and, like the dogs, accompanied them everywhere. He had been their childhood playmate and had been given to the twins for their own on their tenth birthday.

— Margaret Mitchell

My mom and my father's birthday are on the same day.

— Victor Cruz

When the book was published, I had just turned sixty-one. I am writing this at a moment when, according to my doctors, I cannot be certain of celebrating another birthday.

— Christopher Hitchens

You could hollow out a big pumpkin and wear it on your head for the entire week of your birthday. This will allow you to get in touch with your Halloween emotions.

— Jade Puget

What a childhood I had. Once on my birthday my ol' man gave me a bat. The first day I played with it, it flew away.

— Rodney Dangerfield

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