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Music Make Me Quotes

At least Lars was curious about the appeal of jazz to black folk; for most observers, such ponderation is akin to contemplating why gorillas like bananas. The attractiveness of jazz to the nonblack is well documented in publicly funded documentaries where experts speak of jazz in the past tense. They look authoritatively into the camera and ingratiate themselves with the Man by saying things like, "White people were hearing something in jazz that says something deeply about their experience. Im not sure that it would have been this way if we were not a country of immigrants ... so many people felt kind of displaced ... I think that was part of its amazing appeal, was how it spoke to feeling out of sort and out of joint and maladjusted." What hogwash. Does my fondness for classical music make me well adjusted? Besides, people who are really fucked up dont turn to jazz; they turn to heroin, opium, whiskey, and Vonnegut.
— Paul Beatty —

The new kind of music seems to create not from the heart but from the head. Its composers think rather than feel. They have not the capacity to make their works exalt - they meditate, protest, analyze, reason, calculate and brood, but they do not exalt.

— Sergei Rachmaninoff

I realized that, all along, my theory was right: Make music that you want to hear, and instead of having fans that one day might criticize or abandon you, your fans aren't even fans. They're people with tastes similar to yours. They're friends you haven't met yet.

— Natalia Kills

I want to make sure that I make music that lasts. I've been experimenting. I've been writing.

— David Archuleta

I hope that I can make good music out of whatever genre I go into. Just to prove to myself that I can.

— Herbie Hancock

What factors external to the music itself can make it resonate for us. Is there a bar near the stage? Can you put it in your pocket? Do girls like it? Is it affordable?

— David Byrne

When I don't like a piece of music, I make a point of listening to it more closely

— Florent Schmitt

Live performances make music important. Recording is cool and fun, and it's nice to document the thing you made, but the goal in my mind is to perform.

— Dan Deacon

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