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Music And Love Quotes

In the garden of existence, there exists two beautiful roses: Music and love.
— Mehmet Murat ildan —

Heart as collapsed time, as a dug-up grave, as simple machine. Heart as big black bugs bleed blue blood. Heart as MI frozen as seen from airplane, everything still and white and beautiful. Heart as the Day the Music Died. Heart as love being made, as fucking, as a pleasantly haunted house. Heart as a dim memory of a dark room in which you're molded wetasscracked into a beanbag chair, fumbling for wetness. Come hither. Heart as a cunt's supposed to smell like tuna. Heart as the star of the sea. Heart as a pussy in permanent bloom. Heart as doxycycline. Heart as waxwings, as a fudge round, as the phone rings once and then stops. Heart as throw your hands in the air, throw your art at the stars, stutter and stare. Heart as a Stratocaster. Heart as Twin Reverb. Heart as I heart you so much. Heart as all that we thought we knew in the world disappears into vapor. Heart as the rest of your life times the weight of the world squared.

— Bryan Charles

The Song of the Winged Ones is a song of celebration, written as though the singer were standing on the Dragon Isle watching the dragons flying in the sun. The words are full of wonder at the beauty of the creatures; and there is a curious pause in the middle of one of the stanzas near the end, where the singer waits a full four measures in silence for those who listen to hear the music of distant dragon wings. It seldom fails to bring echoes of something beyond the silence, and is almost never performed because many bards fear it.
I love it.

— Elizabeth Kerner

Music is only a mystery to people who want it explained. Music and love are the same.

— Simon Van Booy

I love all kinds of art. I mean, I love sketching and acting and music.

— Amandla Stenberg

My love, growing up on the Prairies, was country music.

— Randy Bachman

I'm doing what I do for the right reasons. I love the music that I make.

— Isaac Hanson

I like to think there's a little bit of me in you:a love for music and a stubborn streak a mile wide. But we're different, you and me, and I don't forget it. You're strong and you're tough and you tell the truth. You're a good person, Emma. I'm none of those things. I used to think I was tough, but now I know I'm the biggest coward that ever lived.

— Cinda Williams Chima

I've always been in love with music, but I've never thought to sing.

— Tamala Jones

I personally love J.Lo because she's a fashion icon and I love her music.

— Jessica Sanchez

I get inspired by a lot, not jut one type of music or so. I listen to a lot of different music, and love a lot of artists. So, I can get inspired by anything.

— Martin Garrix

To be whole and harmonious, man must also know the music of the beaches and the woods. He must find the thing of which he is only an infinitesimal part and nurture it and love it, if he is to live.

— William O. Douglas

There may be trouble ahead - But while there's moonlight, and music, and love, and romance -Let's face the music and dance.

— Irving Berlin

The music that inspires the souls of lovers exists within themselves and the private universe they occupy. They share it with each other; they do not share it with the tribe or with society. The courage to hear that music and to honor it is one of the prerequisites of romantic love.

— Nathaniel Branden

Rhythm and sex go together and that's where I come from as far as the music goes. Rag Doll and Love In An Elevator are such sexual songs that you put them on & the strippers go NUTS!

— Joe Perry

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