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Munich Re Quotes

This preternatural love of rules almost for their own sake punctuates German finance as it does German life. As it happens, a story had just broken that a German reinsurance company called Munich Re, back in June 2007, or just before the crash, had sponsored a party for its best producers that offered not just chicken dinners and nearest-to-the-pin golf competitions but a blowout with prostitutes in a public bath. In finance, high or low, this sort of thing is of course not unusual. What was striking was how organized the German event was. The company tied white and yellow and red ribbons to the prostitutes to indicate which ones were available to which men. After each sexual encounter the prostitute received a stamp on her arm to indicate how often she had been used. The Germans didnt just want hookers: they wanted hookers with rules.
— Michael Lewis —

I got 'Munich' after I had done 'In Treatment' in Israel, which was very successful. But, when I actually shot it, nobody knew it was going to be sold all over the world and be so successful.

— Ayelet Zurer

A fact regarding Max Vandenburg
He would search the faces on Munich street for a book-thieving girl.

— Markus Zusak

I also work with the regular orchestras in Munich, Germany and other similar orchestras.

— Skitch Henderson

The memories of the Munich games for me are of triumph and tragedy.

— Mark Spitz

These things have to happen once every ten years or so. It gets rid of the bad blood. And then if we let them push us around on the little things they wanta take over everything. You gotta stop them at the beginning. Like they shoulda stopped Hitler at Munich, they should never let him get away with that, they were just asking for big trouble when they let him get away with that. Michael

— Mario Puzo

Of course the Munich tragedy was the biggest event in my career and the most terrible.

— Jim McKay

My mind-set is Munich. Most of my generation's is Vietnam.

— Madeleine Albright

Manchester United? That's not an option. I am staying at Bayern Munich. Period. I had a great time under Van Gaal at Bayern, he has been very important for my career but I am very happy at my current club.

— Arjen Robben

I saw my enemies in Munich, and they are worms.

— Adolf Hitler

The Arab who built himself a hut with marbles from the temple of Palmyra is more philosophical than all the curators of the museums of London, Paris, and Munich.

— Anatole France

Welles and I differed, however, in our interpretation of the results of the Munich Conference, he being optimistic, I skeptical. In a radio address on October 3, several days after the conference, in which he described the steps taken by the United States Government just prior to Munich, he said that today, perhaps more than at any time during the past two decades, there was presented the opportunity for the establishment by the nations of the world of a new world order based upon justice and upon law. It seemed to me that the colors in the picture were much darker.

— H.G. Wells

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