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Much Success Quotes

You can have a phenomenal technology with bad people; youre not gonna have much success. You can have mediocre technology with great people; theyll figure out a way to make a buck.
— Kenneth Langone —

Plainly stated, these false teachers enjoy so much success because they tell people what they want to hear, whether it's the truth or not. People want their ears "tickled"
they want to hear things that make them feel good. They want everything they hear to be "self-affirming" and "non-threatening" to their self-esteem.

— Curtis A. Chamberlain

No matter how much success you may experience in life, your eventual story - no offence intended - will be one of failure. Your bodily organs will fail, and you'll die.

— Oliver Burkeman

Regardless of who you are, what sport you chose, or how much success you achieved, playing the game is all about getting you ready for life.

— Brian Kilmeade

No matter how much success you're having, you can't continue working together if you can't communicate.

— Matt Cameron

That's the danger of having too much success. You lose that magic, that feeling of not being in control, which I feel now, it's too controlled.

— Stephen Dorff

Even when disco went out, I could still make hits. Once I had so much success, every idea became concentrated. I had so much confidence. I knew how the bass should sound, what rhythms would work. The tempos I knew: 110 to 120 BPM. I knew they would dance in the clubs in New York or anywhere.

— Giorgio Moroder

I've had so much success. I had something to say, I got to say it, people heard it, and they agreed. That's every artist's dream. That's the brass ring.

— Joss Whedon

Annabel was trying to hide her sword under her suit jacket without much success. People were staring ...
And then they weren't. There were no people, as if the whole town had forgotten as one that these streets and this square had ever existed. The deserted street they were racing down seemed darker than the busy street they had left, as if light was lost with memory, as if they were running into oblivion, and Mae didn't care as long as they got there in time.

— Sarah Rees Brennan

I had achieved so much success in my career and then had this spectacular fall from grace that left me unemployed and living in a town, Los Angeles, that is built on envy. Once you fall, people don't really root for you to come back again. I'd go to restaurants where I always had the best table and half the time they wouldn't even let me pay. And then when I stopped making movies, the same places wouldn't even give me a lousy table, never mind the best one!

— Mickey Rourke

Much success can be attributed to inactivity. Most investors cannot resist the temptation to constantly buy and sell.

— Warren Buffett

Failure-it centers me. Too much success has me thinking, All right, what's goin' on?

— Ray Romano

As for myself, I met with as much success as I ever could have wanted. In other words, I was enthusiastically run-down by every critic of the period.

— Claude Monet

Too much success is not an advantage.
Do not tinkle like jade
Or clatter like stone chimes.

— Laozi

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