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Mr Whiskers Quotes

Yeah? Whatd you name all those cats?" Death, Famine, Pestilence, War, and Mr. Whiskers." You named your cats after the riders of the apocal wait. Mr. Whiskers?" Well, there are only four horsemen.
— Richelle Mead —

In life, if a door closes, all you need to do is move to the window; as long as your whiskers can clear the space you will move through effortlessly. quote by T.G. the Feline Goddess of Everything and Everyone

— R. Rose

It's not something he can do anything about, being a bleeder, anymore than a guy with a glass jaw can do something about not having whiskers.

— F.X. Toole

Then the children went to bed, or at least went upstairs, and the men joined the women for a cigarette on the porch, absently picking ticks engorged like grapes off the sleeping dogs. And when the men kissed the women good night, and their weekend whiskers scratched the women's cheeks, the women did not think shave, they thought stay.

— Amy Hempel

He longed to become Real, to know what it felt like; and yet the idea of growing shabby and losing his eyes and whiskers was rather sad. He wished that he could become it without these

— Margery Williams

The doleful, ugly sounds became entangled in his whiskers.

— Maxim Gorky

My life is always more delicious when I have whiskers on my face, but that might just be because those whiskers tend to accumulate bacon crumbs and scotch, rendering them literally delicious all day long.

— Nick Offerman

The infant-inconvenience kicked in response, and Conall twitched at the sensation.
"Active little pup, isn't he?"
"She," corrected his wife. "As if any child of mine would dare be a boy."
It was a long-standing argument.
"Boy," replied Conall. "Any child as difficult as this one has been from the start must, perforce, be male."
Alexia snorted.
"As if my daughter would be calm and biddable."
Conall grinned, catching one of her hands and bringing it in for a kiss, all prickly whiskers and soft lips.
"Very good point, wife. Very good point.

— Gail Carriger

Keeping the cat front-and-center was definitely a smart choice, from Tim and the animation department. Mr. Whiskers got referred to more than we actually saw him on stage. Seeing him on screen, you just love him.

— John August

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