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Miner Quotes

Soon enough, Miner stopped caring who was watching - for a brief time, he and Ennek were a universe of two.
— Kim Fielding —

African Americans had been compelled to work in Alabama mines prior to the Great Depression. His grandfather, once a coal miner himself, had told him stories of a similar burial field near the family home place south of Birmingham.

— Douglas A. Blackmon

As it happens, the first souvenir I bought was a dried llama fetus. Revolting as it may sound, my poor stillborn llama is actually rather cute. Frozen in the fetal position and dried stiff like beef jerky, it has the gentle, smiling face of a camel and plenty of soft, if slightly formaldehyde-scented, fur. I bought the llama fetus partly because it horrified me, but also for educational purposes, so that my eight-year-old daughter Sophia could show it to her class. (She refused.)
Bolivians buy llama fetuses to ward off evil in its many guises. Bolivian miners-who, with a life expectancy of forty-five years, basically live their entire adult lives dying-look to llama fetuses for protection against dynamite explosions and the lung-destroying silicon particulates they inhale all day. Downing high-proof alcohol also helps. "The purer the alcohol, the purer the minerals I find," one miner told me wryly.

— Amy Chua

So this was where lust was satisfied. If I'd been an old-time miner I'd have asked for my gold nugget back.

— Ava Gardner

Soon enough, Miner stopped caring who was watching - for a brief time, he and Ennek were a universe of two.

— Kim Fielding

Writer is a miner; he works in the gloomy places like a miner to get the precious material.

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

Oh yeah, I would have been a coal miner, I would think, if I hadn't had tuberculosis when I was 12.

— Tom Jones

When I was born, my father was a copper miner in Butte, Montana. It was a hard-core, blue-collar situation.

— Barbara Ehrenreich

Bergman was the first to bring metaphysics - religion, death, existentialism - to the screen ... But the best of Bergman is the way he speaks of women, of the relationship between men and women. He's like a miner digging in search of purity.

— Bertrand Tavernier

One day work is hard, and another day it is easy; but if I had waited for inspiration I am afraid I should have done nothing. The miner does not sit at the top of the shaft waiting for the coal to come bubbling up to the surface. One must go deep down, and work out every vein carefully.

— Sir Arthur Sullivan

All in all I'd rather have been a judge than a miner. And what's more, being a miner, as soon as you are too old and tired and sick and stupid to do the job properly, you have to go. Well, the very opposite applies with judges. *

— Peter Cook

You'd rather own gold; not the miner

— Kevin O'Leary

The step between practical and theoretic science, is the step between the miner and the geologist, the apocathecary and the chemist.

— John Ruskin

The CM stands for Cole Miner.

— CM Punk

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