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Mind Is Restless Quotes

Fortunately, the mind is restless; when it uncovers a layer of its own deception, gives up an illusion, exposes a lie, it does not stand idle for long before the collapse of its earlier assumptions.
— Kim Chernin —

Miguel came to my restless mind, as he always did when I slept. Old memories never left me alone.

— Kenya Wright

Time itself is a creation of the restless mind; space has been created by the same mind to give itself room to wander when in fact there is no space beyond a mental construct that, like all constructs, eventually turns into a prison.

— Alan W. Watts

The human mind feels restless and dissatisfied under the anxieties of ignorance. It longs for the repose of conviction; and to gain this repose it will often rather precipitate its conclusions than wait for the tardy lights of observation and experiment. There is such a thing, too, as the love of simplicity and system,
a prejudice of the understanding which disposes it to include all the phenomena of nature under a few sweeping generalities,
an indolence which loves to repose on the beauties of a theory rather than encounter the fatiguing detail of its evidences.

— Thomas Chalmers

A scientist sets out to conquer nature through knowledge - external nature, external knowledge. By these means he may split the atom and achieve external power. A yogi sets out to explore his own internal nature, to penetrate the atom (atma) of being. He does not gain dominion over wide lands and restless seas, but over his own recalcitrant flesh and febrile mind.

— B.K.S. Iyengar

Better be with the dead,
Whom we to gain our peace, have sent to peace,
Than on the torture of the mind to lie
In restless ecstasy.

— William Shakespeare

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