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Meet And Greet Quotes

If I notice a cute girl at the meet-and-greet, I might go and talk to her.
— Justin Bieber —

Love consists of this: two solitudes that meet, protect and greet each other.

— Rainer Maria Rilke

I greet all whom I meet today with the love of God. It can be a kind smile, an understanding pause, a touch of a hand that makes all the difference in how someone's day unfolds. I wish to be a conduit of love to those I meet, that I might know a softer way of being and a deeper sense of peace. Let me remember today that all of us are in need of love, both those who make it obvious and those who make it easy to forget. Whether showing their love or hiding it, my brothers are, as I am, in need of understanding. May I be someone who understands. May my selfish nature melt away, dear God, and compassion come to take its place. May everyone I meet or even think of today be blessed by the love I send their way. I will receive as I decide to give, and today I choose to give love.

— Marianne Williamson

Anytime you have chance to meet with old friends, greet them sincerely.
This is one easy way to build relationship by utilizing unexpected moments.

— Toba Beta

I love hugging people. I still hug everybody in my meet-and-greet lines.

— Taylor Swift

I'm part of the party, getting the crowd fired up, singing songs, pouring drinks, whatever it takes to get them to have a good time. When I walk into the meet-and-greet, someone's always going to have a story, a sad story or a happy story.

— Dierks Bentley

Don't dodge difficulties; meet them, greet them, beat them. All great men have been through the wringer.

— Alfred Armand Montapert

Labor is rest
from the sorrow that greet us;
Rest from all petty vexations that meet us,
Rest from sin-promptings that ever entreat us,
Rest from the world-sirens that hire us to ill.
and pure slumbers shall wait on thy pillow;
thou shalt ride over Care's coming billow;
Lie not down wearied 'neath Woe's weeping willow!
Work with a stout heart and resolute will!

— Frances Sargent Osgood

As lines, so loves oblique, may well Themselves in every angle greet; But ours, so truly parallel, Though infinite, can never meet.

— Andrew Marvell

The blues he sends to meet me, won't defeat me. It won't be long til happiness steps up to greet me.

— B. J. Thomas

I love conversations with kids in the meet and greet lines - little people with little voices! I love babies. Someday I would love to be a parent, but I want that time to come when I've experienced so much of the world. My life will be devoted to making that child's life as wonderful, beautiful, magical and perfect as it can possibly be. I want to wait until there is no ounce of me left that has anything self-centered to experience.

— Taylor Swift

I go on the road all the time, but I'm only performing for two hours a night, and then I'll do a meet-and-greet, and then I'll get a bite to eat, get drunk, pass out, wake up the next day, sleeping the next day, sleeping off the hangover, and then I'm in the next city.

— Gabriel Iglesias

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