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Marriage Is Quotes

The secret of marriage is thinking that your partner is better than yourself.
— Molly Peacock —

Darcy's hand suddenly rammed angrily into a bowl of fruit and grasped an innocent, unsuspecting orange. "Enough. The woman is demented. Our marriage is simply something to which she must become adjusted. She insulted Elizabeth and her family, and in so doing, she insulted me." With an expression as black as pitch, Darcy commenced to vivisecting the orange. By the time he finished with said orange, it was completely dead, thoroughly dead, with no semblance remaining of its prior orange existence.

— Karen V. Wasylowski

As soon as we confront concrete marriages with other foreign images-such as well-being, happiness, a home for children-marriage appears to be senseless, withered, moribund, and kept alive largely by a great apparatus of psychologists and marriage counselors. Marriage is dead. Long live marriage!

— Adolf Guggenbhuhl-Craig

Going into a marriage,is like jumping into unknown river with a lot of fishes.
It is better to study the characters of
the fishes that habits the unknown river,before getting into it.When you get so encited to go into the unknown river because you love swimming,the fishes in the river might be hungry

— Peter Irabor

The weaker partner in a marriage is the one who loves the most.

— Eleonora Duse

A marriage is hard work and sometimes it's a bit of a bore. It's like housework. It's never finished. You've just got to grit your teeth and keep working away at it, day after day.

— Liane Moriarty

Let us be honest with each other. The threat to marriage is not the gays. It is a lack of loving commitment - whether it is found in the form of neglect, indifference, cruelty or adultery, to name just a few manifestations of the loveless desert in which too many marriages come to grief.

— Malcolm Turnbull

Marriage is wild. I thought it was this perfect land of happiness and joy. Wrong! After you say you do, you don't for a long time.

— John Leguizamo

My views are very fluctuating. I have very contradictory takes on the subject. Dating is easier, while marriage is hard work. You see your friends having early divorces, and on the other hand, you see your parents having a successful marriage.

— Kangana Ranaut

A first-rate marriage is like a first-rate hotel: expensive, but worth it.

— Mignon McLaughlin

I think marriage is between a man and a woman. I think we're all created equal in God's eyes, I think we need to respect and love those we disagree with. I think we can have religious liberty without discrimination. My views on marriage aren't evolving with the polls. It's based on my faith, I think it should remain between a man and a woman.

— Bobby Jindal

Marriage is destinie, made in heaven.

— John Lyly

Marriage is unbelievable, i couldn't be more in love.

— Jessica Simpson

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