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Mad Tv Quotes

Obviously Mad TV, SNL are one kind of show, whereas The State belongs to the kind of show that is entirely conceived written and performed by a set group that existed before the TV show.
— David Wain —

He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.

— Rafael Sabatini

I go to this gym in Hollywood: it's a Cross Fit gym. It's basically just a really high intensity, sort of, athletic movements. I'm sure Cross Fit is going to be mad at me for not giving their definition of what Cross Fit is.

— Parker Young

If I have to spend prolonged periods of time in a trailer, I go mad. Stuck in a metal box doing nothing, I lie there paralysed with boredom.

— Romola Garai

I don't have a girlfriend. But I do know a woman who'd be mad at me for saying that.

— Mitch Hedberg

Oh, I am such a little piggy. Everyone is always mad at me because I eat so much. They're like, 'How are you so skinny?' I eat more than my husband!

— Joyce Giraud

My dad's a doctor, and when I was 8, I went to one of his medical conferences where they were demonstrating laser surgery on a chicken. I was so mad that a chicken had to die, I never ate meat again.

— Natalie Portman

One morning in Saigon she'd asked what it was all about 'This whole war,' she said, 'why was everybody so mad at everybody else?'
I shook my head. 'They weren't mad exactly. Some people wanted one thing, other people wanted another thing.'
'What did you want?'
'Nothing,' I said. 'To stay alive.'
'That's all?'

— Tim O'Brien

The world's gone mad: joining it is the only solution.

— Brandon Sanderson

Needless to say, Robbie and I confiscated all of the magazines, which we then quickly hid under our beds, and replaced the Playboys with nature magazines. So next time dad wants to drool over Marcy Hanson, or Debbie Davis, he's going to find Ranger Rick and Canadian Geographic instead. Best of all he can't complain to mom about it, as she would kill him for having the Playboys in the first place. However, he can't get mad at us either, or we'll simply tell mom about what we found.

— Andrew James Pritchard

I had a career before the Stern show, on Mad TV. I was on the first two seasons of that and I got kicked off it because of possession of cocaine.

— Artie Lange

I used to think all poets were Byronic Mad, bad and dangerous to know. And then I met a few. See Lamb 486:25.

— Wendy Cope

If only we were wiser or better people, perhaps the gods would explain to us the mad, unbearable things they do.

— Orson Scott Card

While everybody else was going mad, we were actually the sanest people in the whole thing.

— George Harrison

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