Luxury Vs Necessity Quotes

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Luxury Vs Necessity Quotes

Traditionally games never used professional writers to create their narrative, so theres definitely a residual feeling that hiring a proper writer is somewhat of a luxury, rather than a necessity. Like a feng shui consultant.
— Rhianna Pratchett —

This withdrawal from the day's turmoil into creative silence is not a luxury, a fad, or a futility. It is a necessity, because it tries to provide the conditions wherein we are able to yield ourselves to intuitive leadings, promptings, warnings, teachings, and counsels and also to the inspiring peace of the soul. It dissolves mental tensions and heals negative emotions.

— Paul Brunton

Happiness is not a luxury. It is a necessity. When we are happy, we are in the best possible place to be good to ourselves and those we love.

— Suze Orman

Investing in [children] is not a national luxury or a national choice. It's a national necessity. If the foundation of your house is crumbling, you don't say you can't afford to fix it while you're building astronomically expensive fences to protect it from outside enemies. The issue is not are we going to pay - it's are we going to pay now, up front, or are we going to pay a whole lot more later on.

— Marian Wright Edelman

God is not a luxury you can't afford; He's a necessity you truly cannot live without!

— Monica Denise Brown

Men are a luxury, not a necessity.

— Cher

Wrestling with work-life balance is a luxury when working to support a family is a necessity rather than a choice. I think that focus is only partially a result of these tough economic times. I think it also reflects a bit of "having it all fatigue": women are worn out from feeling the pressure to excel at work, and be the perfect mom at home.

— Willow Bay

The only product that's worth investing in is a fully functional musculoskeletal system. It's no luxury but rather a basic necessity that's within everyone's reach.

— Pete Egoscue

High self-esteem isn't a luxury. It's a necessity for anyone who has important goals to achieve.

— Jack Canfield

Art is a luxury but also a necessity.

— Edwidge Danticat

Men have still not realized that letting women do so much of the work for so little reward makes a man in the house an expensive luxury rather than a necessity.

— Germaine Greer

Under the rules of a society that cannot distinguish between profit and profiteering, between money defined as necessity and money defined as luxury, murder is occasionally obligatory and always permissible.

— Lewis H. Lapham

Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends

— Coco Chanel

Compassion is something really worthwhile. It is not just a religious or spiritual subject, not a matter of ideology. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

— Dalai Lama

Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury; the time spent engaged in it is not time that could be better spent in more formal educational pursuits. Play is a necessity.

— Kay Redfield Jamison

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