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Low Spirits Quotes

I could settle down into a state of equable low spirits, and resign myself to coffee.
— Charles Dickens —

Never have I know spirits so low they could not be raised by hearing of a Frenchman eaten by a shark!

— Ben H. Winters

I walk to think and not to think. When walking I remember things that are important to me.
I walk to forget. I have yet to set out on a walk in low spirits and return feeling worse than I did when I left the door. A change occurs between the fate and the porch, walking lifts the weight off the heart. Or as the writer Jim Harrison says, When you're out of sorts, walk a hundred miles.

— Susan Minot

We had proceeded but a few days, coasting the crushing capes of rock that every where seemed to run out in a diablerie of tusks and horns to drive us from the region that they warded, now cruising through a runlet of blue water just wide enough for our keel, with silver reaches of frost stretching away into a ghastly horizon-now plunging upon tossing seas, tho sun wheeling round and round, and never sinking from the strange, weird sky above us, when again to our look-out a glimmer in the low horizon told its awful tale-a sort of smoky lustre like that which might ascend from an army of spirits-the fierce and fatal spirits tented on the terrible field of the ice-floe.

— Harriet Prescott Spofford

WHAT vain weathercocks we are! I, who had determined to hold myself independent of all social intercourse, and thanked my stars that, at length, I had lighted on a spot where it was next to impracticable - I, weak wretch, after maintaining till dusk a struggle with low spirits and solitude, was finally compelled to strike my colours; and under pretence of gaining information concerning the necessities of my establishment, I desired Mrs. Dean, when she brought in supper, to sit down while I ate it; hoping sincerely she would prove a regular gossip, and either rouse me to animation or lull me to sleep by her talk.

— Emily Brontë

Either over neither, both over either/or, live-and-let-live over stand-or die, high spirits over low, energy over apathy, wit over dullness, jokes over homilies, good humor over jokes, good nature over bad, feeling over sentiment, truth over poetry, consciousness over explanations, tragedy over pathos, comedy over tragedy, entertainment over art, private over public, generosity over meanness, charity over murder, love over charity, irreplaceable over interchangeable, divergence over concurrence, principle over interest, people over principle.

— Marvin Mudrick

People go to mediums and they get in touch with spirits outside of the body. Most of these spirits are pretty malevolent and unenlightened, although they often claim to be enlightened teachers who are disincarnate. These low-vibe beings seek life-force.

— Frederick Lenz

Concord is just as idiotic as ever in relation to the spirits and their knockings. Most people here believe in a spiritual world ... in spirits which the very bullfrogs in our meadows would blackball. Their evil genius is seeing how low it can degrade them. The hooting of owls, the croaking of frogs, is celestial wisdom in comparison.

— Henry David Thoreau

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