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Love Thought Quotes

Its love," thought Abel, "its love that gives them this calmness, this peace. And suddenly he was gripped by a violent desire to love, to give himself, to find the red flower of love growing in his arid life.
— Jose-Saramago —

It's like a perfect symphony of feeling, of emotion, of a love you thought was impossible; until suddenly the impossible becomes the inevitable.

— Beth Michele

When one's married for so long, always walking on four feet and always
breathing double breaths and thinking every thought twice through and
the time between the main things is packed double full with minor
details - then, sometimes, naturally, one yearns like an arrow for one
whole space thin as air. And you start up in the night, terrified by
your own breathing, which had just been going along as evenly without
you. But you don't rise up free - or even really as far as your knees
- not once. You strike a match. And there's one of you right there,
wrapped in flesh. Only then is it love.

— Robert Musil

Do you know that i paid two dollars for [Doxocology] thirty-three years ago? Everything was wrong with him, hoofs like flapjacks, a hock so thick and short and straight there seems no joint at all. he's hammerheaded and swaybacked. He has a pinched chest and a big behind. He has an iron mouth and he still fights the upper. with a saddle he feels as thought you were riding a sled over a gravel pit. He can't trot and he stumbles over his feet when he walks. I have never in thirty-three years fond one good thing about him. He even has an ugly disposition. He is selfish and quarrelsome and mean and disobedient. to this day I don't dare walk behind him because he will surely take a kick at me. when I feed him mush he tries to bite my hand. And I love him.

— John Steinbeck

So sweet love seemed that April morn. When first we kissed beside the thorn, So strangely sweet, it was not strange We thought that love could never change.

— Robert Bridges

There are always those perfect times with the people we love, those moments of joy and equality that sustain us later on ... These moments are the foundation upon which we build the house that will shelter us into our final years, so that when love calls out, "How far would you go for me?" you can look it in the eye and say truthfully, "Farther than you would ever have thought was possible.

— Ann Patchett

I know I'm not inspiring much confidence at this point, but there's something else I thought I'd bring up." She lifted her eyes to him. "I love you more than I love books.

— Cynthia Hand

Pippin chooses love and finds a greater sense of himself at the end of all the madness. I relate to him in many ways. I have been through stuff, thought I knew best, and often been proven wrong.

— Matthew James Thomas

I love books, and I love to read, and I had ideas for books that I thought would be neat to read.

— Tony DiTerlizzi

I love the script and I just thought it was a great role. Like I say, it's like this - the script is like this sad, funny, desperate love song to the lost American man.

— Oliver Platt

It's love," thought Abel, "it's love that gives them this calmness, this peace. And suddenly he was gripped by a violent desire to love, to give himself, to find the red flower of love growing in his arid life.

— José Saramago

Who among you does not feel that his power to love is boundless? And yet who does not feel that very love, though boundless, encompassed within the center of his being, and moving not from love thought to love thought, nor from love deeds to other love deeds?

— Khalil Gibran

Just as the thought of fire does not warm the body, so faith without love does not actualize the light of spiritual knowledge in the soul.

— Maximus The Confessor

I shudder at the thought of men ... I'm due to fall in love again

— Dorothy Parker

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