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Love Must Be Quotes

Love must be invisible. No one ever sees it coming. It sneaks up behind you, bashes you over the head and leaves you in a state of stunned confusion for the rest of your life.
— G.J. Walker-Smith —

Somehow, I think your first love must be like your first dog
no matter how many come after, you never forget your first!

— Peggy Toney Horton

True love, by definition, means "someone that is truly loved". But true love must be reciprocated, or it is only excrutiatingly unbearable and devistating - a never-ending lonely night in an empty room.

— A.M. Hudson

The world is filled with too many of us who are inclined to indicate our love with an announcement or declaration. True love is a process. True love requires personal action. Love must be continuing to be real. Love takes time.

— Marvin J. Ashton

If I marry: He must be so tall that when he is on his knees, as one has said he reaches all the way to heaven. His shoulders must be broad enough to bear the burden of a family. His lips must be strong enough to smile, firm enough to say no, and tender enough to kiss. Love must be so deep that it takes its stand in Christ and so wide that it takes the whole lost world in. He must be active enough to save souls. He must be big enough to be gentle and great enough to be thoughtful. His arms must be strong enough to carry a little child.

— Ruth Bell

At home we can say to our ladies: 'I love you', or to our native earth. It means we rejoice in their lives ... Love must be free, or else it alters away. Command it to your court: it will send a deputy.

— Peter Shaffer

It (love) must be a conscious choice and not an emotional response (Matthew 5:46).

— Michael DiMarco

Christian love must be chased after, aspired to, and practiced.

— Gary L. Thomas

A religion, even if it calls itself a religion of love, must be hard and unloving to those who do not belong to it.

— Sigmund Freud

One may be drunk with love without being any nearer to finding his mate ... Love must be as much a light as a flame.

— Henry David Thoreau

Never had she so honestly felt that she could have loved him, as now, when all love must be vain.

— Seth Grahame-Smith

If pride is a sin, then love must be the mother of sin.

— Lionel Suggs

If we are to believe he is really alive with all that that implies, then we have to believe without proof. And of course that is the only way it could be. If it could be somehow proved, then we would have no choice but to believe. We would lose our freedom not to believe. And in the very moment that we lost that freedom, we would cease to be human beings. Our love of God would have been forced upon us, and love that is forced is of course not love at all. Love must be freely given. Love must live in the freedom not to love; it must take risks. Love must be prepared to suffer even as Jesus on the Cross suffered, and part of that suffering is doubt.

— Frederick Buechner

Belief, like love, must be voluntary.

— John Updike

Love exercised while duty is neglected will make children headstrong, willful, perverse, selfish, and disobedient. If stern duty is left to stand alone without love to soften and win, it will have a similar result. Duty and love must be blended in order that children may be properly disciplined.

— Ellen G. White

God loves man, we are told, but love must be proved by facts, not reasons. If you were in a boat and did not save a drowning man, you would burn in Hell for certain; yet God, in His wisdom, feels no need to use His power to save anyone from a single moment of suffering, and in spite of his inaction He is celebrated and revered.

— Joe Hill

Love and self-denial for the object loved go hand-in-hand. If I profess to love a certain person, and yet will neither give my silver nor my gold to relieve his wants, nor in any way deny myself comfort or ease for his sake, such love is contemptible; it wears the name, but lacks the reality of love: true love must be measured by the degree to which the person loving will be willing to subject himself to crosses and losses, to suffering and self-denials. After all, the value of a thing in the market is what a man will give for it, and you must estimate the value of a man's love by that which he is willing to give up for it.

— Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Sometimes love was to be grasped in any form and in any manner it was offered. And sometimes love must be given in the same way.

— Mary Balogh

It is the Lord's kindness that he will take the scum off us in the fire. Who know how needful winnowing is to us and what dross we have before we enter the kingdom of God? So narrow is the entry to heaven that our knots, lumps of pride, self-love, idol-love, and world-love must be hammered off us, that we may stoop low and creep through into that narrow entry.

— Samuel Rutherford

You have to create love and affection for your body, for what it can do for you. Love must be incarnated in the smallest pore of the skin, the smallest cell of the body to make them intelligent so they can collaborate with all the other ones, in the big republic of the body. This love must radiate from you to others.

— B.K.S. Iyengar

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