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Lost What You Had Quotes

Kate lost a mother," I said, "but I lost a nothing." Kate doesnt feel that way," Jack assured me. But what about everybody else besides Kate? How can I ever explain to anyone what she was when she and I had no name? People need names for everything. I wasnt a relative or a friend, I was just an object of her kindness." He wiped my cheeks, saying Ssshh. I buried my face in his shoulder. True kindness is stabilizing," I went on. "When you feel it and when you express it, it becomes the whole meaning of things. Like all there is to achieve. Its life, demystified. A place out of self, a network of simple pleasures, not a waltz, but like whirls within a waltz." Youre the one now," Jack said definitively. "Thats why you met her. She had something she had to pass on." (p. 95)
— Hilary Thayer Hamann —

I guess this was what it felt like to love someone and feel like you had lost them. Even when you were still holding them in your arms.

— Margaret Stohl

Yeah so - nothing gets lost. Cal isn't, and not just because he'll still be a little part of my life. I get to carry him with me, the way you do all your memories and mistakes. He started out a mistake I had no memory of, and he wound up being, well, my kid.
Maybe thinking any one person can show up and give you all you need is as much of a delusion as thinking you can find truth in a bottle. Maybe you can just find what you need in little pieces, in people who show up for one crucial moment - or a whole chain of them - even if they can't solve it all. Maybe this is the secret of big families, like the Garretts ... and like AA. People's strengths can take their turn. There can be more of us than their is trouble.

— Huntley Fitzpatrick

When the ship suddenly pitched more steeply, the bookworm lost his grip. He came skipping over the toilet seats-his ass made a slapping sound-until he collided with my father at the opposite end of the row of toilets. "Sorry-I just had to keep reading!" he said. Then the ship rolled in the other direction, and the soldier sallied forth, skipping over the seats again. When he'd slid all the way to the last toilet, he either lost control of the book or he let it go, gripping the toilet seat with both hands. The book floated away in the seawater. "What were you reading?" the code-boy called. "Madame Bovary!" the soldier shouted in the storm. "I can tell you what happens," the sergeant said. "Please don't!" the bookworm answered. "I want to read it for myself!

— John Irving

Hollow laugh. "Sometimes I feel like I've got nothing but regrets. Doesn't just about everyone?" "I expect so. You think I don't wish I hadn't worked that second shift? But it was overtime and we always had more month left at the end of the paycheck. I'd done it a hundred times. I never really thought about what it could cost. How about you?" He sighed. "Well, of course I regret speeding, even though I've made peace with the changes it brought my life. But it kills me to think I lost Iris before I ever knew how much

— Robyn Carr

Katar," Raoden called.
Yes, My Lord?"
Do you know what it is? The secret, I mean?"
Kahar smiled. "I havent't been hungry in days, my lord. It is the most amazing feeling in the world-I don't evern notice the pain anymore." Raoden nodded, and Kahar left. The man had come looking for a magical solution to his woes, but he had found an answer much more simple. Pain lost its power when other things became more importan. Kahar didn't need a potion or an Aon to save him-he just needed something to do.

— Brandon Sanderson

You're scaring me," Jack's voice finally cut through, and I opened my eyes, barely able to see him. "okay, good, yes, breathe. Breathing helps one stay alive,I've found.What on earth is so bad about a stupid school saying no?" "My life"-I gasped-"is over.It's over. Everything." He frowned dubiously. "Who would want to go to a place called Georgetown, anyhow? Ridiculous. Now,I could understand your devastation if it had a distinguished name like, say, Jacktown, but as it is,you're overreacting. Why do you want to go to more school? I went once for a few hours and nearly lost my mind.

— Kiersten White

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