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Looking For Someone Who Quotes

We still are looking for someone who knows the secret of immortality. Only God is immortal; we are not.
— Elie Wiesel —

I'm not looking for the hottest person to be with. I'm not looking for someone who is rich nor poor. I'm not looking for an adventure. I'm not looking for ANYTHING nor ANYONE ... All I want is someone who can treat me RIGHT as I continue to grow in LIFE.

— Coco Nicole Estef

It's all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit.

— Eartha Kitt

There are three roles one can play as a homosexual: one involving being the daddy to someone who is the son, another, therefore, being the sonny to that pop, the third involving looking for yourself in someone approximately identical to you.

— Larry Kramer

I think what people are looking for right now is not the kind of pizzazz and pop that perhaps we thought we got in 2008. Certainly, President Obama offered that. What they want now is someone who can work closely with Congress and get things done.

— Rob Portman

I just kind of wonder what it would be like to find someone who loves you the same amount that you love them. You know, that person who you see looking your way and smiling because they are just as wild for you as you are for them.

— Brittainy C. Cherry

I think people are distrustful of politicians and are looking for someone who is telling the truth with no hidden agenda.

— Mohamed ElBaradei

Our life is all about the choices we make, and when I was looking for a mate for life, I really was looking for someone who was a family man, somebody who would embrace my girls as much as they were going to embrace me. I guess I just wasn't finished having children yet.

— Joan Lunden

Is he one of them now? Frustrated, stuck, self-watching, looking for a means of connection, a way to break out. After Oswald, men in America are no longer required to lead lives of quiet desperation. You apply for a credit card, buy a handgun, travel through cities, suburbs and shopping malls, anonymous, anonymous, looking for a chance to take a shot at the first puffy empty famous face, just to let people know there is someone out there who reads the papers.

— Don DeLillo

I'm looking for someone who works as hard as I do. Who loves their work as much as I do, so at the end of the night we have something real to talk about, something exciting that makes our blood flow and boil.

— Jill Scott

I'm absolutely not looking for someone who agrees with me about everything or someone who wants to please me by believing what I believe.

— Marilyn Manson

I've done an awful lot of trying to make everybody else okay and happy. I have learned, now it would really be ok to wait for someone who wants to be there for me and partner with me and I'm really looking forward to it ...

— Sharon Stone

I'm someone who is quite uncomfortable if something is different. I like doing things I'm used to in everyday life. So, I always try to push myself outside of that when looking for roles, otherwise I would never do anything different.

— Yasmin Paige

I think that there are many ways in which people look for heroes, messiahs, things like that in society. I think some people are looking for something that maybe they don't possess. To me, ultimately, you are looking for someone who understands you, or at least you think understands you. It all comes down to understanding for who we look to as heroes.

— Gerard Way

Basically we are all looking for someone who knows who we are and will break it to us gently.

— Robert Breault

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