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Locker Room Quotes

I dont spend a lot of my time in the locker room. Thats my least favourite place in the world.
— Maria Sharapova —

She used to look forward to changing in the locker room when other girls stole shocked glances at her emaciated body last spring. Now they would look at her and think she was fat
just as fat as all the other girls, maybe even fatter. Nothing separated her from the parade of thunder thighs trooping up the stairs from the locker room to the gym.

— Steven Levenkron

As the class went through the Greeks and the Romans and the Renaissance painters, (who were easy enough to remember if you'd ever seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) there was more dick on display than in a locker room.

— K.A. Mitchell

C'mon! Anything over eight inches is strictly for show-and-tell. It's there, but you can't use it. It might look good in a locker room, but let's face it-those extra two inches are leftovers." "Leftovers," Luna gasped, holding her stomach and shrieking with laughter. "Let's hear it for l-leftovers!

— Linda Howard

There's a picture of the real Coach Gary Gaines in the book and he's sitting in the locker room after a game, and he just looks so much like Billy Bob, that we went to him.

— Peter Berg

The Raiders of old were vicious and crazy and cruel. Hanging around their locker room was like hanging around the weight room at Folsom Prison.

— Hunter S. Thompson

I've always favored kids as a player. If I walked out of the locker room and there were 100 people there and 50 of them were kids, I'd sign the 50 kids before anything else.

— Chili Davis

No one knows what to say in the loser's locker room.

— Muhammad Ali

I am not one to brag but to tell you the truth mang,
I am funkier then a locker room after a hoop game.

— Mac Dre

When I bought the [WNBA] team, I saw that no one really cared about them. Like the locker facilities that these young women have to work in-they weren't right. I want to give them the best locker room facilities and show them they're valued-because if you show them value, they're going to perform better. And this goes for all women, not just basketball players.

— Sheila Johnson

I've always said, just go ask my teammates if you want to know about me. Go ask the guys that I've played with. Don't ask or get information about me from people who are not in the locker room or not around me all of the time. Then you'll get legit answers.

— Allen Iverson

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