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Little Baby Sister Quotes

Remember that, Crowe. Monsters walk on two legs, and theyre crafty. Theyre real good at fooling even the smartest of men. Dont forget that. Because sometimes, you dont realize monsters are stalking you until its too late. Its far better to be smart, to be safe, and to watch for monsters in everyone you know." "Even Logan and Rafe?" he whispered, suddenly wondering if somehow his cousin were monsters. He couldnt hurt his little cousins. Hed promised Dad hed always watch out for them, and for his baby sister. What was he supposed to do if one of them was a monster? His father gave him on of those small, man-to-man smiles Crowe always tried to get. "Well, maybe not Logan and Rafe," his father amended. "Its hard to imagine a Callahan as a monster, dont you think?" Crowe nodded quickly. "Theyre just dumb kids sometimes," he sighed. "But I make sure to tell them when theyre dumb so theyll get smart.
— Lora Leigh —

Is that him?" said Sister Mary, staring at the baby. "Only I'd expected funny eyes. Red, or green. Or teensy-weensy little hoofikins. Or a widdle tail." She turned him around as she spoke. No horns either. The Devil's child looked ominously normal.
"Yes, that's him," said Crowley.
"Fancy me holding the Antichrist," said Sister Mary. "And bathing the Antichrist. And counting his little toesy-wosies ...

— Terry Pratchett

My parents called me their wise little baby. I was mature when I was 4 or 5. My brother and sister were older, so I was raised by four adults.

— Annabeth Gish

There is a light that glimmers along the darkening edge of an infinite horizon. In that light the heart finds what the heart seeks. In that light, Dumbo goes where his beloved Zombie goes. In that light, a boy named Ben Parish finds his baby sister. In that light, Marika saves a little girl called Teacup. In that light promises are kept, dreams realized, time redeemed.
And Zombie's voice speeding Dumbo toward the light "You made it private. You found me."
No darkness slamming down. No endless fall into lightlessness. All was light when I felt Dumbo's soul break the horizon.
Lost, found, and all was light.

— Rick Yancey

She chokes on her drink with her laugh. "Chunk? You call your little sister Chunk?" "We all call her Chunk. She was a fat baby." She laughs. "You have nicknames for everyone," she says. "You call Sky Cheese Tits. You call Holder Hopeless. What do you call me when I'm not around?

— Colleen Hoover

And then there was Tick. Brave little Tick, who had flown into the faces of an army of rats to save his baby sister. Tick - who never spoke much. Tick - who shared her food. Tick - who was after all just a roach. Just a roach who had given all the time she had left so that Boots could have more.
Gregor pressed Boots's fingers against his lips and felt scalding tears begin to slide down his cheeks. He hadn't cried, not the whole time he'd been down here, and there had been plenty of bad stuff. But somehow Tick's sacrifice had crushed whatever thin shell remained between him and sorrow.

— Suzanne Collins

My sister just had a baby, a little newborn. The kid is adorable, so cute. She wouldn't let me hold him, she refuses. She says, 'No way, Anthony, I'm afraid you're gonna drop him.' I'm 32 years old. Like I'm some kind of idiot. Like I don't have a million other ways to hurt that baby.

— Anthony Jeselnik

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