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Like If Facebook Quotes

At school, Id sing in groups in the locker room or in the bathroom, which was like an echo chamber. The problem is I didnt know how to get started singing professionally. The pool hall was my Facebook. Id hang out there to keep up with what was going on and to let people know where I could be reached if singing jobs came up.
— Frankie Valli —

Using Facebook is like taking a Dyson to your spare time.

— Gemini Adams

MySpace is like a bar, Facebook is like the BBQ you have in your back yard with friends and family, play games, share pictures. Facebook is much better for sharing than MySpace. LinkedIn is the office, how you stay up to date, solve professional problems.

— Reid Hoffman

If we don't build a company as influential as Google or Facebook, then we failed. I'm, like, perpetually stressed, honestly.

— Arash Ferdowsi

The evolution of social media into a robust mechanism for social transformation is already visible. Despite many adamant critics who insist that tools like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are little more than faddish distractions useful only to exchange trivial information, these critics are being proven wrong time and again.

— Simon Mainwaring

I'm a very sensitive person by nature. Things move me very easily, like music or videos on Facebook, and I feel for people.

— Sarah Hay

Everything you do on Facebook will affect what comes in your view in the future. If you like crappy things that you don't care about, you'll see more crappy brands that you don't care about in the future, and it might even affect your experiences when you walk into bars, churches, schools, shopping malls, etc.

— Robert Scoble

When a human being becomes a set of data on a website like Facebook, he or she is reduced. Everything shrinks. Individual character. Friendships. Language. Sensibility. In a way it's a transcendent experience: we lose our bodies, our messy feelings, our desires, our fears.

— Zadie Smith

Quitting Facebook would be like partially erasing myself. Quitting Twitter would constitute further erasure. Pretty soon, I'd be invisible. I was never on Instagram or Tumblr, which I guess means I never completely existed in the first place.

— Meghan Daum

If I may, I'd like to take a moment to praise Mark Zuckerberg's parents for not procreating sooner. Praise be to all that is holy that Facebook didn't exist when I was that age and the Internet then was but a Usenet group for Star Trek fans. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have grown up when cameras used actual film because the only thing that stood between infamy and me was the clerk who developed photos at Walgreens. Thank God for him.

— Jen Lancaster

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