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Life Text Message Quotes

I overanalyze things way too much, to the point where it affects my life. Like, when Im talking to a boy, Ill overanalyze a text message he sent. And I have to think to myself, Just chill out. Some guy sent me a text message. Thats all. Dont read something into it thats not there. Just be glad he sent you a text message!
— Lucy Hale —

I've never sent an email in my life. My kids laugh. I often hand the phone to them and say, 'Can you text this message to somebody.' I don't even have a computer on my desk.

— Sebastian Coe

When I lifted my head, Christian was sending a text message. "Give me that!"
I sprang to my knees and snatched it away. "What the hell did you say?"
"Only that I had you on your back. I made sure to sign my name."
"You idiot!"
I punched his shoulder and he smirked. "In-service massage?"
Silver: It's not what you think, Logan. I'll call you later. Miss u.
"It's your funeral. Logan is a Chitah."
Christian's eyes widened. "You're serious? You? And a Chitah?" He raked his fingers through his hair. "Shite, why didn't you tell me you were dating a fecking lunatic? Those bastards have a thing about hunting you for life.

— Dannika Dark

Sometimes the lines in a song are lines you wish you could text-message somebody in real life,

— Taylor Swift

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