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Life On Top Quotes

No one wants to die or even plans to die, at least not when you are young and living life on top of everything, stepping on gold, running the miles with hot chicks on tow, but even if I wasnt a rock star, and just a normal civilian, I still wouldnt plan to die young. Death is so boring.
— Sofea Shah —

At least that's what his note said, along with a scathing reminder that dishes didn't wash themselves and the fungus in the bathroom was one day away from evolving into sentient life. I folded the note into an airplane and sailed it across the room. It ended up perched jauntily on top of the ancient television. It looked good there and I left it as a tribute to freedom-loving fungi everywhere.

— Rob Thurman

In the movie of your entire life, do you want drama and conflict or a straight shot to the top, unencumbered?

— James Franco

It's the sides of the mountain which sustain life, not the top.

— Robert M. Pirsig

Always strive to get to the top in life because its usually crowded at the bottom.

— Habeeb Akande

At the top of the hill stood a cross and a little below at the bottom was a stone tomb. In my dream, just as Christian came up to the cross his burden loosened from his shoulders and fell off his back. It tumbled and continued to do so down the hill until it came to the mouth of the tomb where it fell inside and was seen no more. Christian was so glad and overjoyed and in his excitement he said, He has given me rest by his sorrow and life by his death.

— John Bunyan

Whoever decides to dedicate their life to politics knows that earning money isn't the top priority.

— Angela Merkel

The Gospel comes in power and the Holy Spirit, with much assurance. If you call upon the name of the Lord, God will transform you on the inside, give you the shock of your life, and give you everlasting life on top of that.

— Ray Comfort

In some parts of life, like mathematics and science, yeah, I was a genius. I would top all the top scores you could ever measure it by.

— Steve Wozniak

The Hum is gone. You remember the Hum. Unless you grew up on top of a mountain or lived in a cave your whole life, the Hum was always around you. That's what life was. It was the sea we swam in. The constant sound of all the things we built to make life easy and a little less boring. The mechanical song. The electronic symphony. The Hum of all our things and all of us. Gone. This is the sound of the Earth before we conquered it. Sometimes in my tent, late at night, I think I can hear the stars scraping against the sky. That's how quiet it is. After a while it's almost more than I can stand.

— Rick Yancey

And to top everything he's got this problem he can't let her know how he feels: What-he's shy? Shy! Tell me who in this goddamn world is shy? Young, old, the lame and halt. Clobber you over the head with what they feel.
Oh Man I wish just once in my long fucked-up life someone had come up to me who was too shy to tell me what they thought of me ...

— E.L. Doctorow

Driving at high speed where safe and legal is part of my life. As well as a higher top speed I wanted even better stability in my FX and that meant work on the aerodynamics.

— Sebastian Vettel

I've found that one must try and teach people that there's no top limit to disaster-that, so long as breath remains in your body, you've got accept the miseries of life. They will often seem infinite, insupportable. They are part of the human condition.

— Ian Fleming

Small things were important. Secods were small things, and if you heaped enough of those on top of one another, they became a man's life.

— Brandon Sanderson

It is, of course, a luxury to create art and, on top of this, to insist on expressing one's own artistic opinion. Nothing is more luxurious than this. It is a game and a good game, at least for me; one of the few games which make life, difficult and depressing as it is sometimes, a little more interesting.

— Max Beckmann

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