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What is fascinating is that it is physical. You know, thats one thing about intellectuals, theyve proved that you can be absolute brilliant and have no idea whats going on. But on the other hand, the body doesnt lie, as we now know. Nono, itll be great, because all of those ph.Ds are in there, like, discussing modes of alienation, and well be in here quietly humping.
— Woody Allen —

But we're not sleeping," he points out.
"well, I would be," I say, "if you would let me off the phone." Which is obviously a lie.
"Fine," he says.
"Fine," I say.
"What now?!"
I don't say anything.
"Are you there?"
"Yes, I'm here," I say, "What is it?"
"I love you." And then he hangs up the phone.

— Lauren Barnholdt

I have to lie, if I don't want to take madmen seriously and become a madman myself

— Milan Kundera

Ben Caxton, I will lie right here in the grass and starve before I will get up to push a button that is six inches from your right forefinger.

— Robert A. Heinlein

Think of it. We know truth for the cruel instrument it is. Beauty is infinitely preferable to truth. We invent beauty. Faiths, political movements, high ideals, belief in love and fellowship. All of them are lies. We tell those lies, among others, endless others. We improve on history and myth and religion, make each more beautiful, better, easier to believe in. Our lies are not perfect, of course. The truths are too big. But perhaps someday we will find one great lie that all humanity can use.

— George R.R. Martin

Everyone knows im perfect. My life is perfect. My clothes are perfect. Even my family is perfect. And although its a complete lie, i've worked my butt off to keep up the appearence that i have it all. The truth, if it were to come out, would destroy my entire picture-perfect image.

— Simone Elkeles

When he faced her again, he had never looked to her so much like one of the Fair Folk. His eyes were full of feral amusement, a carelessness that spoke of a world where there was no human Law. He seemed to bring the wildness of Faerie into the room with him: a cold, sweet magic that was nevertheless a bitter at the roots.
The storm calls you as it calls me, does it not?
He held out a hand to her, half-beckoning, half-offering.
"Why lie?" he said.

— Cassandra Clare

The Lord won't confirm a lie.

— Ernest Angley

Labor is rest
from the sorrow that greet us;
Rest from all petty vexations that meet us,
Rest from sin-promptings that ever entreat us,
Rest from the world-sirens that hire us to ill.
and pure slumbers shall wait on thy pillow;
thou shalt ride over Care's coming billow;
Lie not down wearied 'neath Woe's weeping willow!
Work with a stout heart and resolute will!

— Frances Sargent Osgood

If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth.

— Joseph Goebbels

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