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The other night when I walked by and saw you in the media lounge, I fantasized about throwing you up on the table and doing you right there on top of the dessert trays." "Sounds ... messy." "And fun. I thought about all the interesting places Id get to lick you clean." She sounded as if she were holding her breath when she said, "I thought you dont eat sugar." He laughed. "I want to eat yours," he said as he kissed the crook of her neck. "Does that shock you, little Jane?
— Rachel Gibson —

I'd lick you numb, Mariah. You have no idea the things I'm capable of.

— Pella Grace

He broke the kiss. "If you don't stop," he murmured, "I'm going to come in your hand." She met his eyes. Hers were gold and dazzling with heavy lids when she whispered, "I'll lick you off my fingers.

— Skye Jordan

It ain't fair. Gifts is divided so damn unevenly. Like God just left his damn sack of talents in a ditch somewhere and said, Go help yourselves, ladies and gents.Them's that get there first can help themselves to the biggest ones. In every other walk of life, a jack can work to get what he want. but ain't no amount of toil going get you a lick more talent than you born with. Geniuses ain't made, brother, they just is. and I just was not.

— Esi Edugyan

His mouth slid over her jaw and down her throat, her skin as smooth
and sweet as cream. "God, you taste incredible," he murmured, his tongue
sliding a teasing path along the edge of her bodice. "I want to lick every inch of you.

— Monica McCarty

My intentions toward you are definitely ... dirty." "How dirty?" she whispered. Fiery need jolted straight to his groin. He leaned closer to speak right into her ear. "Very. I want to strip you naked and lick you all over. I want to taste you ... everywhere. I want to feed you my cock and feel your teeth on me, and then I want to fuck you blind." Her eyelids drooped, her mouth went soft, and more heat built between them as they stared at each other. His other hand found her knee and slipped over silky skin to the inside of her thigh beneath her coat. "That's pretty dirty," she agreed breathlessly.

— Kelly Jamieson

I also want to kiss you until you're a puddle of sexy sauce on the floor, and then I want to lick you up, slowly

— Christine Zolendz

Remember that whenever you were being kicked, there was no one standing beside you to soften the blow. No one there to help you lick those wounds or protect you.

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

You forgive me?" he asked, trailing hot kisses down my neck.
"Yes. But don't do it again. And don't stop kissing me."
"Got it. Let me apologize to you properly. Let me kiss you between the legs." Strong hands cupped my ass, pressing me against his erection. "I wanna lick you, Lena."
"You like doing that, don't you?" I asked, a little amazed. Past boyfriends had not rated the experience highly.
"Fuck yes. I love having you squirming against my face, rubbing your pussy on me.

— Kylie Scott

I just sit where I'm put, composed
of stone and wishful thinking:
that the deity who kills for pleasure
will also heal,
that in the midst of your nightmare,
the final one, a kind lion
will come with bandages in her mouth
and the soft body of a woman,
and lick you clean of fever,
and pick your soul up gently by the nape of the neck
and caress you into darkness and paradise.

— Louise Penny

You have to be very insensitive in order to have a cat, because I think they're very independent. When they're kittens, you think they're going to have a dog temperament in that they're going to run to the door when you get home, lick you on the face and cuddle with you all the time, but cats are not that way.

— Jennifer Love Hewitt

In ten years, you'll be on a stamp /
where anyone at all can lick you.

— Margaret Atwood

Me: "Touch the cave wall."
Computer: "You touch the cave wall. It is moist."
Isaac: "Lick the cave wall."
Computer: "I do not understand. Repeat?"
Me: "Hump the moist cave wall."
Computer: "You attempt to jump. You hit your head."
Isaac: "Not jump. HUMP."
Computer: "I don't understand."
Isaac: "Dude, I've been alone in the dark in this cave for weeks and I need some relief. HUMP THE CAVE WALL."
Computer: "You attempt to ju-"
Me: "Thrust pelvis against the cave wall."
Computer: "I do not-"
Isaac: "Make sweet love to the cave."
Computer: "I do not-

— John Green

Lick you stupid cat!

— Erin Hunter

His lips turned upward. Man told you to lick salt off me, but he didn't say where you would be licking the salt from.

— Elizabeth Morgan

That demon woman you were lounging with on the divan," said Will. "Would you call her a friend, or more of a business associate?"
Benedict's dark eyes hardened. "Insolent puppy-"
"Oh, I'd say she was a friend," said Tessa. "One doesn't usually let one's business associates lick one's face. Although I could be wrong. What do I know about these things? I'm only a silly woman.

— Cassandra Clare

I believe no-one can insult you without your permission. Shilpa Shetty has paid the price for trying to desperately seek the approval of the West. It is pathetic how we can go on bended knees and lick the boots of Westerners in an effort to be part of their world.

— Mahesh Bhatt

You're like candy. People lick your knowledge to become wise, lick your words from your powerful mouth and say it even better than you. Lick each step you make and stay on a good track, and once you're dead, the lickers scavenge for another intellectual candy.

— Michael Bassey

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