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Letting Go Of Quotes

The thoughts of letting go of everything I love overwhelms like a tsunami of sorrow.
— Sandra Cisneros —

Letting go of someone who owns your heart is hard. Sometimes holding on to that person is even harder. I know I'm not the easiest person to love, but you are.

— J. Sterling

You must learn to wait properly ... By letting go of yourself, leaving yourself and everything yours behind you so decisively that nothing more is left of you but a purposeless tension

— Eugen Herrigel

I used to have a sign pinned up on my wall that read: Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible be found in us ... It was all about letting go of everything. p.7

— Deirdre Blomfield Brown

By letting go of what is known, you are free to encounter the living present, in all its perplexity and revelation. Just as silence is the possibility of sound, self-confessed ignorance is the possibility of encounter.

— Philip Shepherd

We have a choice. To be bitter and angry, or to try and move on. It's the hardest thing for me, letting go of all that righteous anger. I'm still struggling. But that's what I want to do.

— Kim Edwards

One must break with one's past to embrace one's future. It is never an easy thing to do. It is one of the distinguishing characteristics between survivors and victims. Letting go of what was, to survive what is. (Page 106)

— Karen Marie Moning

Letting go of things and not being afraid of being ridiculous or over the top - I think that's the main thing for me to work on.

— Charlotte Gainsbourg

She told me that the brain is built to forget things as we continue to live, that memories are meant to fade and disintegrate, that skin, so protective in the beginning because it has to be to protect our organs, saga eventually - because the organs aren't so hot anymore either - and sharp edges become blunt, that the pain of letting go of grief is just as panful or even more painful than the grief itself.

— Miriam Toews

We generally look around for what is not there fretting over it and thus letting go of what is there.

— Amit Abraham

Letting go of the need to control things doesn't mean letting go of responsibility. It means embracing life.

— Marc David

We also need to learn the art of letting go: of the past, of unresolved grievances, of our younger selves. Nobody gets out of here alive.

— Gordon Livingston

The harder you fight to hold on to specific assumptions, the more likely there's gold in letting go of them.

— John Seely Brown

All of my unconscious fears were in my face about letting go of the current identity. A lot of the thoughts that came up were fear-based and false, so I had to work to let them go.

— Alanis Morissette

COURAGE isn't an absence of fear. It is doing what you are afraid to do, letting go of the familiar and forging ahead into new territory. What I have discovered is that the best leaders have the courage to act - are willing to take the risk, make the statement, point the way, lead the way - when others hesitate out of fear. Effective leadership requires the ability to stand up, stand out, and the conviction to do it. I have never known a successful leader that was not courageous.

— John C. Maxwell

Not judging is another way of letting go of fear and experiencing Love. When we learn not to judge others - and totally accept them, and not want to change them - we can simultaneously learn to accept ourselves.

— Gerald Jampolsky

Meditation means to be constantly extricating yourself from the clinging of mind.
By letting go of even the thought 'I,' and 'me' what is left?
There is nowhere to stand and no one to stand there.
No separation anywhere.
Pure awareness.
Neither this, nor that.
Just clarity and being.

— Ram Dass

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