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Let's Just Get Married Quotes

Now listen, Gunnar," Cara is saying, "Jon told me you thought you needed to move out, but you dont have to, you know. Its not a big deal. Plus, well be engaged for a while before we actually get married so its not—" "Actually, Vance asked me to move in with him," Gunnar says, going for casual and missing it by a mile. Cara steps back, eyebrows raised, "Wanna run that by me again?" "Vance. He asked me to move in with him." "And you said?" "I said yes." Cara lets out a shriek that sends Jon and Gunnar into a defensive crouch. "Thats. Well thats fantastic, Gunnar. I didnt think you had it in you!" "Oh, thanks so much," Gunnar says (although to be fair, even he didnt think he had it in him).
— seventhswan —

Love is like a game of chess. You're white. He's black. You wait for him to make a move, while staring into his handsome, melting-you-on-the-inside eyes, then realize what a dummy he is to not tell you straight out to go first. The beginning is the crush stage. You begin to realize how much you want to defeat him, or make him fall in love with you. By the time you get to the heat of the game, you both moved and are hopefully dating. If you haven't forfeit then because you don't want to be cheated on, you make another move- head on shoulder, hand holding, etc. Black makes another move-he gives you his jacket on a freezing night. By the endgame, he either realizes how stupid he was to play with you and forfeits, or he realizes how smart you are and lets you defeat him (and love you). By the time you win, you're married to him. A happily ever after game of chess.

— Amrita Ramanathan

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