Let Go Of Resentment Quotes

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Let Go Of Resentment Quotes

Let go of resentment, for it will hold you back. Do not worry about what couldve been, what is to come is what matters.
— Leon Brown —

I will not let myself down like that
I also know what feels good and it doesn't feel good to harbor anger and resentment ... We do have tools to work through stuff. Everybody does.

— Jennifer Aniston

Resentment causes us to stay in the past, our minds focused on the wrongs that have been done to us.  It really is time to let go of it just as we would let go of something that's too hot and that would burn us if we held on to it too long.  If we hold on to resentment even slightly too long, we're risking great injury-emotional and spiritual-not just to ourselves, but to those we resent, too.  So let's let it go.  Just for today.

— Tom Walsh

Remember when your curiosity inspired your investigative mind to explore and learn ... you weren't bogged down with resentment, cynicism, and emotional baggage ... just think about how great it would be to return to that mindset of unencumbered learning and adventurous living ... you are just one choice away from that life ... choose to let go of the infertile past ... go live your adventure!

— Steve Maraboli

My prescription for better health is to let go of the six things that could be destroying it-anger, regret, blame, resentment, worry, and guilt.

— Charles F. Glassman

When people hate, its power engulfs them and they are totally consumed by it ... Keep struggling against hatred and resentment. At times you will have the upper hand, at times you will feel beaten down. Although it is extremely difficult, never let hatred completely overtake you ... Never stop trying to live the commandment of love and forgiveness. Do not dilute the strength of Jesus's message; do not shun it; do not dismiss it as unreal and impractical. Do not cut it to your size, trying to make it more applicable to real life in the world. Do not change it so that it will suit you. Keep it as it is, aspire to it, desire it, and work for its achievement

— Anonymous.

Though the Son of Man expressed His federation with humanity, He was very careful to note that He was like man in all things save sin. He challenged His hearers to convict Him of sin. But the consequences of sin were all His as the Son of Man. Hence the prayer to let the chalice pass; His endurance of hunger and thirst; His agony and bloody sweat; perhaps even His seeming older than He actually was; His condescension to wash the feet of His disciples; His absence of resentment as the swine-owning capitalists ordered Him from their shores; His endurance of false charges of being a winebibber, a glutton; His gentleness, which expressed itself in hiding when His enemies would have stoned Him; above all, His endurance of worry, anxiety, fear, pain, mental anguish, fever, hunger, thirst, and agony during the hours of His Passion-all these things were to inspire men to imitate the Son of Man. Nothing that was human was foreign to Him.

— Fulton J. Sheen

You don't realize that if you stop looking backwards craving the love and acceptance which you didn't receive from your parents, then you might open your eyes to what is available for you now. But you won't let go. If only you could see that looking back into an incomplete and imperfect past, with regret, blame, guilt or resentment is keeping you from the treasures that await you here now. The past has gone. You cannot rectify something that is no longer with you.

— Leonard Jacobson

Elizabeth Blair of brother Frank: he could not let even a great man set his small dogs on him without kicking the dog & giving his master some share of the resentment.

— Doris Kearns Goodwin

Never allow sick attitudes to poison your thinking, nor let ill will make you ill. Avoid making your mind sore by that painful rehurting called resentment.

— Norman Vincent Peale

If you and I want to stir up a resentment tomorrow that may rankle across the decades and endure until death, just let us indulge in a little stinging criticism - no matter how certain we are that it is justified.

— Dale Carnegie

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