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Left Over Feelings Quotes

He pulled her mirror out of his other pocket. "You left your mirror on my table." He extended it toward her. "You can keep it," she said quietly. "We have lots of mirrors here." "Ill keep it, then." "Good. Im glad." Hed never rushed headlong into a battle, but he figured this time, it might be the best approach. "I spent a lot of time studying it. The back is real pretty with all the gold carving. Took me about an hour to gather up the courage to turn it over and look at the other side." "And what did you see?" " Aman who loves you more than life itself." Closing her eyes, she dropped her chin to her chest. "I wouldnt blame you if you hated me. I havent held your feelings as precious as I should have." "I dont hate you," she whispered hoarsely. "I tried to, but I cant." -Houston and Amelia
— Lorraine Heath —

Finally, I formulate and say a little prayer to God, and since we haven't officially spoken since my mom and Elliott died that takes up quite a bit of my time.
The rest of it I spend on trying to determine what I think love really is and what I actually feel for Tally Landon at this point. Upon deep reflection, I realize that I must be at the edge of life's abyss. This is me. All there is left of me; and yet, I'm looking over and contemplating its meaning on whether to jump or stay. I'm not sure this feeling for Tally Landon is made up of love any more than it is of hate. This must be a kind of purgatory-the in-between place-because these pervasive feelings of rage and passion for Tally are equalized and actually co-mingle together-like fire and water-each ready to extinguish the other. I've come to accept the truth. There may be nothing left for us. It could go either way.

— Katherine Owen

This notebook might be all I have left of her. My hand is still hovering over the cover, tempting me to open it and find her again, even if it's only for a short while, even if it's only on paper. But part of me is terrified. This might not end well. This might not be anything I want to see. And so help me, if this turns out to be some kind of diary concerning her thoughts and feelings about Kent, I might just throw myself out the window.

— Tahereh Mafi

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