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Lauren And Lo Quotes

Simple. Pared down. Timeless. The ties were never too thick or too thin; the pants were never too flared or too skinny. In my life with Dad, he wore Western apparel because we went riding - jeans, cowboy boots, the turquoise belt buckle. But it was all very simple, and that classic look is very Ralph Lauren.
— Jennifer Grant —

My name is Patricia Lauren Bordeaux, and I, like my creator before me, am a very lonely vampire.

— S.C. Parris

I used to tell your mother she looked like Sophia Lauren." He looks at me, frowning, and then it registers.
"Oh God, some guy's using that line on you, isn't he?"
"Not just 'some guy'." I tell him. "The guy.

— Melina Marchetta

One of my co-workers at Ralph Lauren heard about the show, and when she got back to the office, said; Carson, you have to call Bravo. They're doing a show. You're perfect for it.

— Carson Kressley

Lauren Hill, I always have her solo CD nearby. I have Coldplay, Radiohead, just a mix.

— Taryn Manning

So ... you like her, Gabe?' Lauren pressed.
'Yes,' he answered, starting work on his spreadsheet again in an effort to stave off more questions.
'She's great, isn't she?'
Shit. A smile tugged at his mouth and Lauren was standing right next to him. No question she could see it. He tried to cover himself by changing the subject.

— Victoria Dahl

I like a lot of Ralph Lauren and classic styles ... My style has changed in that I'm willing to try more things.

— Troian Bellisario

They had been married for three days.
Lauren stirred, moving closer to him for warmth. Careful not to disturb her, he drew the satin quilt up around her shoulders. Reverently he touched her cheek, tracing its elegant curve. Lauren had brought joy to his life and laughter to his home.She thought he was beautiful. When she looked at him, he felt beautiful.
Somewhere in another part of the big house a clock began chiming the hour of midnight. Lauren's lashes slowly flickered open, and he looked into her enchanting blue eyes. "It's Christmas," he whispered.
His wife smiled up at him, and her answer made his throat tighten. "No," she said softly, laying her fingers against his jaw. "Christmas came three days ago.

— Judith McNaught

We spent our whole married life in the ultra-competitive world of professional football, Lauren and I had always tried to view it through God's eyes. As much fun as it was to be winning, we tried not to get caught up in it. We knew that our family life and our faith walk were more important.

— Tony Dungy

I believe in Amy Winehouse. I know she's not with us anymore but I believe she was who she was and in that way she got it right. I would say an actress like Lauren Bacall also got it right. She never let anyone [persuade] her to be something she wasn't. She was strong. She always looked like she knew what she was doing.

— Lana Del Rey

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