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Lag Quotes

The limitless jet-lag purgatory of Immigration and Baggage at Heathrow.
— Monica Dickens —

At Ghent the wind rose.
There was a smell of rain and a heavy drag
Of wind in the hedges but not as the wind blows
Over fresh water when the waves lag
Foaming and the willows huddle and it will rain ...

— Archibald MacLeish

I think you look ... very nice. the way he said it, with a slight pause and that sexy accent, made Sharona forget all about jet lag. Instead, she was on high flirt alert.

— Ophelia London

Alright so Evil Conevil, yeah. They're always asking him about that time he messed up. And the strangest question I've ever heard them ask is
'So evil what were you thinking right before you hit the ground?' how much stupider can you get?
'well, Bob. I was thinking, Hey! Did I leave the iron on? and when my lag broke in half, Hey! I should get a puppy! No! What do you think I was thinking? I was thinking AAAAAAAAA!!!!! AAAAAA!!!! AAAAAA!!!

— Brian Regan

So I want to share a little news."
"You getting married?" Butch tossed back half the new Lag. "Where you registered? Crate and Bury 'Em?"
"Try Heckler and Koch." The Reverend opened his jacket and flashed the butt of a forty.
"Nice little poodle shooter you got there, vampire."
"Put a hell of a-"
V cut in. "You two are like playing tennis, and racquet sports bore me. What's the news?"
Revh looked at Butch. "He has such phenomenal people skills, doesn't he."
"Try living with him.

— J.R. Ward

Soon after we first got to know each other, I asked him a typical traveler's question: How did he deal with jet lag? He looked at me, surprised. "For me a flight is just a brief retreat in the sky," Matthieu said, as if amazed that the idea didn't strike everyone. "There's nothing I can do, so it's really quite liberating. There's nowhere else I can be. So I just sit and watch the clouds and the blue sky. Everything is still and everything is moving. It's beautiful." Clouds and blue sky, of course, are how Buddhists explain the nature of our mind: there may be clouds passing across it, but that doesn't mean a blue sky isn't always there behind the obscurations. All you need is the patience to sit still until the blue shows up again. His

— Pico Iyer

You're in this constant state of flux and transition, as if you had jet lag all the time. The acting part of it is easy. It's all the other things that come with it that are a bit difficult.

— Don Johnson

Kurt lag unter seinem sessel und schlief. sie nahmen ihn an den beinen und trugen ihn unter den weihnachtsbaum. dort schlief er weiter. das wirkte feierlich.

— Daniel Glattauer

There's a sort of jet lag when you time-travel to your own past.

— Bill Watterson

Jet lag is for amateurs.

— Dick Clark

The economy is turning, and credit comes in with a lag, .. To the extent that a number of small firms are finding it difficult to get the credit they need at a price they can afford, that's likely to change for the better.

— Alan Greenspan

I think we have more good players today [2016] than we've ever had in the game of golf. And I think that's saying a lot because we had a lot of good players when I played. I think you had a bit of a lag in there for a while, that Tiger was just so much better than everybody else that he really didn't put anybody in with him.

— Jack Nicklaus

I'm sure a lot of you had this experience when you're changing. You're growing as a person and people tend to treat you like you were 18 months ago, and it's really frustrating sometimes when you're growing up and you're more capable. It's the same thing with a company and the press. The press is going to have a lag time. The best thing we can do about the press is embrace them and do the best thing we can to educate them about our strategy. But to keep our eye on the prize, that is turning out some great products. the press and the stock prize will take care of themselves.

— Steve Jobs

Technology paces industry, but there's a long lag in the process.

— R. Buckminster Fuller

Maybe the reason some folks lag behind in our free enterprise system is because they depend too much on the free part and not enough on their own enterprise.

— William Greider

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