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L Hate My Life Quotes

Never in my life had I felt so tangibly and with such astonishment that hate, by passing successively through comprehension, mercy, and sympathy, can be transformed into love.
— Nikos Kazantzakis —

On the face of her phone
Wileen programs a message to herself
so that when the alarm clock rings
the screen flashes:
For some people
it's just a reduction in suffering.
Jordan tattoos the words
in thick black letters
down the inside of his arm
so that when he looks at his wrist
he will remember not to hate himself so much.
What he keeps forgetting
is that there is life after survival.

— Buddy Wakefield

You gonna spend the rest of your days whining because you dad's a jerk? I hate people like that. Don't be a baby - live your own life.

— Laurie Halse Anderson

If you hate your life, you haven't seen enough of it. If you hate your life, it's because your life is too small and it doesn't fit you.

— Augusten Burroughs

I never realized how much I hate my life. Not until he showed me beautiful.

— Belle Aurora

One must always rebel against fear and hate and affirm life.

— Marty Rubin

She did not hate Clent for the way he had spoken. For most of her life she had been at the mercy of stronger and more powerful people who cared nothing for her. She had always been afraid, and her fear had made her angry.

— Frances Hardinge

It's no different than anything else in anybody else's life. Doesn't matter how simple or complex. There are days you hate it and days you love it.

— Tony Stewart

We were all involved in the death of John Kennedy. We tolerated hate; we tolerated the sick stimulation of violence in all walks of life; and we tolerated the differential application of law, which said that a man's life was sacred only if we agreed with his views. This may explain the cascading grief that flooded the country in late November. We mourned a man who had become the pride of the nation, but we grieved as well for ourselves because we knew we were sick.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

I told them all, "If possible, I would be here with only you, forever. But I am a man who toils, and I must go where I must. We need currency for famous nightclubs, yes? I am doing something I hate for you. This is what it means to be in love. So do not spleen me." But to be truthful, I was not even the smallest portion sad to go to Lutsk to translate for Jonathan Safran Foer. As I mentioned before, my life is ordinary. But I had never been to Lutsk, or any of the multitudinous petite villages that still endure after the war. I desired to see new things. I desired to experience volumes. And I would be electrical to meet an American.

— Jonathan Safran Foer

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