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Winkler-Koch benefited directly from this project, which was designed to help enable the fuel policy of the Third Reich.
— Jane Mayer —

The Koch brothers tend to give to right-leaning and libertarian causes. Koch money was instrumental, for example, in founding the Cato Institute and the Libertarian Party.

— Donald Luskin

Winkler-Koch benefited directly from this project, which was designed to help enable the fuel policy of the Third Reich.

— Jane Mayer

So I want to share a little news."
"You getting married?" Butch tossed back half the new Lag. "Where you registered? Crate and Bury 'Em?"
"Try Heckler and Koch." The Reverend opened his jacket and flashed the butt of a forty.
"Nice little poodle shooter you got there, vampire."
"Put a hell of a-"
V cut in. "You two are like playing tennis, and racquet sports bore me. What's the news?"
Revh looked at Butch. "He has such phenomenal people skills, doesn't he."
"Try living with him.

— J.R. Ward

Previously been reported. For all three, the association with the Koch brothers' network is likely to provide kindling for their opponents, who have already argued that the Republicans are steered by deep-pocketed conservatives. Audio of the event, held at the St. Regis Monarch Beach resort, was obtained by The Undercurrent and shared exclusively with The Huffington

— Anonymous.

Hagen Koch: 'There was no other transport. People on bikes could evade checkpoints, they could have secret meetings

— Anna Funder

Ed Koch will never 'rest in peace.' That was not his way. He was always nervously squirming, while making others squirm as well. Comfort was not his goal. He understood that to be a proud and assertive Jew meant never being able to leave a sigh of relief and say, 'It's over, we are at peace, we can now put down our guard and relax.'

— Alan Dershowitz

German-made Heckler & Koch MP-7 submachine guns with special compact M40 grenade launchers under the barrels.

— Matthew Reilly

Towards a Neurobiological Theory of Consciousness, one of the first synoptic articles to come out of his collaboration with Christof Koch at Caltech. I felt very privileged to see this manuscript, in particular their carefully laid-out argument that an ideal way of entering this seemingly inaccessible subject would be through exploring disorders of visual perception. Crick and Koch's paper was aimed at neuroscientists and covered a vast range in a few pages; it was sometimes dense and highly technical. But I knew that Crick could also write in a very accessible and witty and personable way; this was especially evident in his two earlier books, Life Itself and Of Molecules and Men. So I now entertained hopes that he might give a more popular and accessible form to his neurobiological theory of consciousness, enriched with clinical and everyday examples.

— Oliver Sacks

Ed Koch once said that New York City is where immigrants come to audition for America. That's what happened to my parents; that's what happened to me.

— Lin-Manuel Miranda

Remember when friends was friends, and LL had a Benz?
And cell phones and beepers was the new trends?
When Koch was the Mayor and Reagan was the Pres?

— Biz Markie

I don't care if the Koch brothers or Soros spend their money to promote one candidate or another. I care about members of Congress spending 30%-70% of their time raising money from .05% of us. Change the way we fund elections and you change the corruption.

— Lawrence Lessig

Secretary [Hillary ] Clinton is absolutely right, there are people, Koch brothers among others, who have a group called Concerned Veterans of America, funded by the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers, by the way, want to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, every governmental program passed since the 1930s. Yes, there are people out there who want to privatize it.

— Bernie Sanders

I'm very proud to know the Koch brothers. This may be a breaking news announcement for the media: I am the Koch brothers' brother from another mother.

— Herman Cain

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