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Know Your Opponent Quotes

If every university president said, The revenue producing sports: basketball, football - potentially revenue producing at most universities - maybe in a few cases womens basketball, if every one of them had a monitor that reported directly to the university president and no student-athlete ever gets into this college or university who could not plausibly be admitted if we did not have a football or basketball team, end of problem. It wont happen because its like unilaterally disarming. You know your opponent wont do it and then youll get crushed in every game, but its a simple thing.
— Bob Costas —

Risk, as first articulated by the economist Frank H. Knight in 1921,45 is something that you can put a price on. Say that you'll win a poker hand unless your opponent draws to an inside straight: the chances of that happening are exactly 1 chance in 11.46 This is risk. It is not pleasant when you take a "bad beat" in poker, but at least you know the odds of it and can account for it ahead of time. In the long run, you'll make a profit from your opponents making desperate draws with insufficient odds. Uncertainty, on the other hand, is risk that is hard to measure. You might have some vague awareness of the demons lurking out there. You might even be acutely concerned about them. But you have no real idea how many of them there are or when they might strike. Your back-of-the-envelope estimate might be off by a factor of 100 or by a factor of 1,000; there is no good way to know. This is uncertainty. Risk greases the wheels of a free-market economy; uncertainty grinds them to a halt.

— Nate Silver

I didn't know your identity, but I had an impression of who my opponent was, being surrounded by things you made.

— Erin Morgenstern

There's a quote that says, 'If you know yourself and you know your opponent, you shouldn't fear the results of 100 battles.' Just really being prepared gives you a lot of confidence.

— Jon Jones

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