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Know How To Love Quotes

Will you marry me, Olivia? You are the only woman I know how to love. The only woman I want to love. He doesnt lower himself to his knee and he doesnt need to. I am rocking on the edge of an emotional meltdown as is
— Tarryn Fisher —

I think it's possible to realize you love someone as deeply as you know how to love and not end up spending the rest of your life with him.

— Robin Jones Gunn

You know what takes real courage? Telling someone you love them and knowing they will never know how to love you in return.

— Stanley Christopher

Why do we want to live for ever? Because we hope that tomorrow will bring us someone we can love. Because we want to live another day with the person we love beside us. Because we want to find someone who deserves our Love and who, in turn, will know how to love us as we deserve to be loved. That is why, when a man has no one to love him, he feels a great desire to die. As long as he has friends, people who love him and whom he loves too, he will live. Because to live is to love.

— Henry Drummond

Love's absence ailed me. I could not imagine loving my husband. He was a superior and I did not know how to love and be subservient together. Nor had he ever thought of me as a human being, let alone a woman. For no reason had he ever softened towards me, I had stirred him that little.

— Tehmina Durrani

Love who you love while you have them. That's all you can do. Let them go when you must. If you know how to love, you'll never run out.

— Ann Brashares

You don't know how to love people. You only know how to own them. And because people will never act just like you want them to, Mother, you'll always feel betrayed. And because eventually everybody dies, you'll always feel cheated. But you're the cheat, Mother. You're the one who uses our love for us to try to control us.

— Orson Scott Card

Love and hate; for only those who know how to hate know how to love. We keep this capacity; and as this alone serves to maintain and develop the moral sentiments in every animal society, so much the more will it be enough for the human race. We only ask one thing, to eliminate all that impedes the free development of these two feelings in the present society, all that perverts our judgment:
the State, the church, exploitation; judges, priests, governments, exploiters.

— Pyotr Kropotkin

The measure of a man is, does he know how to love.

— Jennifer Weiner

Oh! you shall see how well I know how to love! I can only love; I know only how to love! With moderate faculties, we can yet do much when we center them on a single object.

— Jeanne Julie Eleonore De Lespinasse

Forgiveness belongs to those who know how to love in the first place.

— Deepak Chopra

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