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I dont watch much television. My old TV agent used to always get mad at me because hed send me out on auditions and Id be like, Whats this show? and hed be like, Its literally the top show on television. I wasnt allowed to watch TV as a kid.
— Zosia Mamet —

Don't bother this love is a lie.
I'm a chemical kid,
You're a mechanical bride.

— Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides By Pierce The Veil

I hate all electronic toys: cell phones, e-mail, PalmPilots, handheld Global Positioning System equipment, and the whole raft of gadgets that intrude on solitude.
When I was a kid I used to disappear into the woods all day. Now I can walk in the wilderness without wasting my valuable time. As I hike along I can call anyone in the world, schedule an appointment, take a picture of me standing next to a tree and then send the person a map so he or she can join me there. Solitude has been snuffed out.

— David Skibbins

Adrien Bach, main character from The Maker:
You know, when you're a kid, you think you're going to grow up to be something special, do something important. You're not going to be a regular Joe like everybody else. But then you get out there and life starts to hit you. It hits you so many times, eventually you just can't get up anymore. Or won't.
And then you just don't know. Those dreams seem to fade away, and suddenly you're not sure who you are anymore.

— Wes Moore

Charles Benoit Quotes: The textbooks are dumbed down to the
The textbooks are dumbed down to the where your kid sister could probably read them, and the teacher go over and over and over the same stuff anyway, drilling it into your head so that they can ask you one hundred multiple-choice questions to get it all back out of you again.

— Charles Benoit

It's a great lesson about not being too precious about your writing. You have to try your hardest to be at the top of your game and improve every joke you can until the last possible second, and then you have to let it go. You can't be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it ... You have to let people see what you wrote.

— Tina Fey

Patricia Reilly Giff Quotes: Sometimes when i visit schools kids will
Sometimes when I visit schools, kids will interview me for the school newspaper. They ask me questions and my answers tend to go on and on, and they try to write down everything I'm saying as quickly as they can. And one day, a kid holds up her hand and said, 'Do you think you could just answer 'yes' or 'no?' Aren't kids wonderful?

— Patricia Reilly Giff

The kid at 9 or 10 who knows who Billie Holiday is ... that's the coolest thing ever.

— Robbie Robertson

I took piano lessons as a kid, and my daughter's played piano since before she started kindergarten, so classical piano is something I really love.

— Kristan Higgins

I was crazy for music as a high school kid and a college kid.

— Alexandra Patsavas

Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes: I couldnt deal with playing a character
I couldn't deal with playing a character who rides motorcycles and has a leather jacket and is a tough kid, y'know?

— Leonardo DiCaprio

Lena Olin Quotes: I was so full of joy the happiest kid
I was so full of joy, the happiest kid. Things changed. I don't want to talk about it. I needed attention. I was pathologically shy. I'd climb the highest tree or try to ski off the highest mountain. I'd get into fights. I wanted contact. I'd hit somebody, just for that.

— Lena Olin

I was always a little adult. Even as a little kid, I just couldn't understand why I was surrounded by all these kids. I took things very seriously.

— Laura Benanti

As a kid, I loved doing puzzles, solving riddles, and reading mystery books. I also loved animals and always had pets.

— Bonnie Bassler

Luke Perry Quotes: When i was a kid i was at a bowling
When I was a kid, I was at a bowling alley and I ran into a soda machine. I still have the scar on my right eyebrow obviously.

— Luke Perry

Heston Blumenthal Quotes: As we get older we tend to become more
As we get older, we tend to become more risk averse because we tend to find reasons why things won't work. When you are a kid, you think everything is possible, and I think with creativity it is so important to keep that naivety.

— Heston Blumenthal

When I was a kid in the U.S., 'Doctor Who' wasn't really on, but you would occasionally catch an episode. Different stations did marathons.

— Holly Black

Yo, cop. We're heading for Screamer's. You wanna come?
Butch looked up at the doorway. Vishous was in the hall with Rhage and Phury behind him. The vampires had expectant looks on their faces, like they honestly wanted to hang with him.
Butch found himself grinning like the new kid who didn't have to sit alone at lunch after all.

— J.R. Ward

When I was a kid, of course I wanted to be the fastest, the loudest and the one with the biggest drum set, but obviously my aspirations have changed a bit since then.

— Taylor Hawkins

Do you know," he added, "I feel sorry for Mr. Butler. He was too young to know better, but he robbed himself of life for the sake of thirty thousand a year that's clean wasted upon him. Why, thirty thousand, lump sum, wouldn't buy for him right now what ten cents he was layin' up would have bought him, when he was a kid, in the way of candy an' peanuts or a seat in nigger heaven.

— Jack London

Mark Indelicato Quotes: I want to show that im a real teenager
I want to show that I'm a real teenager, not some fantasized Hollywood kid.

— Mark Indelicato

I was the kind of kid who loved singing. I loved rapping; I loved attention. But for me, it was more about chasing the dream of being a superstar because of the town I was from and because of what I'd seen.

— Trey Songz

I would say my first golf memory was asking who Arnold Palmer was when he was always on the Pennzoil commercials. When I was a little kid I watched a lot of sports, but I didn't watch a lot of golf, and this guy was always on a tractor.

— Mike Greenberg

John Kricfalusi Quotes: If youre a kid wanting to be a
If you're a kid wanting to be a cartoonist today, and you're looking at Family Guy, you don't have to aim very high.

— John Kricfalusi

Since I was a child, I hated having to deal with my hair. I hated having to change my clothes. As a kid, I had a sailor shirt and the same old corduroy pants, and that's what I wanted to wear everyday.

— Patti Smith

I don't know what I'm supposed to do now. I know other people have it a lot worse. I do know that, but it's crashing in anyway, and I just can't stop thinking that the little kid eating french fries with his mom in the shopping mall is going to grow up and my sister.

— Stephen Chbosky

And this one kid Mark at the party who gave me this come out of nowhere and looked at the sky and told me to see the stars. So, I looked up, and we were in this giant dome like a glass snowball and Mark said that the amazing white stars were really only holes in the black glass of the dome, and when you went to heaven, the glass broke away, and there was nothing but a whole sheet of star white, which is brighter than anything but doesn't hurt your eyes.

— Stephen Chbosky

Zosia Mamet Quotes: I dont watch much television my old tv
I don't watch much television. My old TV agent used to always get mad at me because he'd send me out on auditions and I'd be like, 'What's this show?' and he'd be like, 'It's literally the top show on television.' I wasn't allowed to watch TV as a kid.

— Zosia Mamet

I'll start with one healthy kid, but I'd like to have a few naturally and adopt.

— Anne Hathaway

I'm just a kid - I've got a lot of stuff to do yet.

— Clint Eastwood

Agents are used to the parents pimping. They're not used to the kid pimping.

— Shia LaBeouf

I thought you seemed like someone who might enjoy backgammon, said the kid, gravely mistaken.

— Michael Chabon

Ray Toro Quotes: As a little kid i was very shy
As a little kid, I was very shy.

— Ray Toro

But poor old Dim kept looking up at the stars and planets and the Luna with his rot wide open like a kid who'd never viddied any such thing before, and he said: "What's on them, I wonder. What would be up there on things like that?" I nudged him hard, saying: "Come, gloopy bastard as thou art. Think thou not on them. There'll be life like down here most likely, with some getting knifed and others doing the knifing.

— Anthony Burgess

I think kids like chaos, in an interesting way. I think kids like to push buttons in adults. They like to antagonize and cause trouble. I think it's the kid-like spirit that kids respond to.

— Jason Lee

A painting of any quality is always going to have nerdy energy, an affirmation behind it. It's gonna be like a kid playing a video game.

— John Currin

When I was a kid they didn't call it dyslexia. They called it you know, you were slow, or you were retarded, or whatever. What you can never change is the effect that the words 'dumb' and 'stupid' have on young people. I knew I wasn't stupid, and I knew I wasn't dumb. My mother told me that. If you read to me, I could tell you everything that you read. They didn't know what it was. They knew I wasn't lazy, but what was it?

— Whoopi Goldberg

Hugh Hefner Quotes: I was a very idealistic very romantic
I was a very idealistic, very romantic kid in a very typically Midwestern Methodist repressed home. There was no show of affection of any kind, and I escaped to dreams and fantasies produced, by and large, by the music and the movies of the '30s.

— Hugh Hefner

Girl they love me like I'm Prince, like the new kid with the crown. Bunch of underground kings, thought you knew how we get down.

— Drake

Every Indian kid has access to MySpace and Facebook. But that doesn't mean they have access to books and great teachers. This idea about bringing digital tech into schools is great, but once again I'll say that this is not how people actually learn.

— Sherman Alexie

We imagine "pure" cybernetic systems, but we can prove only that we know how to build fairly dysfunctional ones. We kid ourselves when we think we understand something, even a computer, merely because we can model or digitize it.

— Jaron Lanier

The quality an artist must have is objectivity in judging his work, plus the honesty and courage not to kid himself about it.

— William Faulkner

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