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Key To The Future Quotes

Unlike some, I dont claim to hold the mystic key to the future. But judging from past events, it seems to me that those who want to prophesy the imminent end of Americas unique global role have a harder case to make than those who think we will limp on for a while, making a mess of things as usual.
— Walter Russell Mead —

In fact the flexibility of our memories makes it relatively easy because we can meld all these different memories together seamlessly to invent a new imaginary scene, one which we have never even contemplated before, let alone witnessed. The flexibility of memory seems to be the key to imagining a future. Our millions of fragments of memories from different times of our lives are not set in stone; they can change, giving us endless, instant imaginative possibilities.

— Claudia Hammond

Doing things for others is something that money cannot buy it is a priceless act which gives an abundance of worthy feelings for both involved, to empower others and to know that others care is an key part of listening, the stoppage of wars, the foundations of a hopeful future for everybody.

— Paul Isaacs

Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future.

— Corrie Ten Boom

Imagination is the only key to the future. Without it none exists - with it all things are possible.

— Ida Tarbell

Japan is a model already to the lie that economic growth is the key to our future. If they can really show an alternative to nukes and fossil fuels, then they will be the poster boy for the renewable energy for the future.

— David Suzuki

Empowering women is key to building a future we want

— Amartya Sen

The key relationships in the future will not be between people, but between machines and people.

— Andrew Keen

In the business world, management is always viewed in terms of productivity. Why? Because productivity is the key to the success of the organization and to your future as a manager.

— Tony Alessandra

I don't necessarily buy any key to the future of happiness, but I need a little place in the sun sometimes or I think I will die.

— Patty Griffin

One key to success is knowing the difference between knowledge and wisdom. One is information from the past while the other is the key to the future.

— Bill Crawford

People that don't want to get down to the business at hand. Instead of just doing less, we have to find ways of doing more with less. That's the key to the future.

— Bill Nye

I see a wonderful future in a very uncertain world. If we will cling to our values, if we will build on our inheritance, if we will walk in obedience before the Lord, if we will simply live the gospel we will be blessed in a magnificent and wonderful way. We will be looked upon as a peculiar people who have found the key to a peculiar happiness.

— Gordon B. Hinckley

The whole key of the profitable everyday living will be to discover out what's one's future to try and do, and after that do it.

— Henry Ford

From this vision of the role of the United Nations in the next century flow three key priorities for the future: eradicating poverty, preventing conflict and promoting democracy.

— Kofi Annan

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