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Keep Wondering Quotes

I keep wondering how to explain the experience of child abuse from the inside. Im going to try to explain what my world was like when I was sexually abused. The thing you have to remember is that this was the thinking of a child.
— Robin Quivers —

If you keep wondering about how bad is your life, you wont be able to work towards its betterment.

— Chandan Sharma

Mostly I couldn't bear ... the paltry notion that memory was all that eternal life really meant, and I spent too much time wondering where people got the fortitude or delusion to keep on moving past the static dead.

— Gail Caldwell

The first thing you notice, coming to Israel from the Arab world, is that you have left the most courteous region of the globe and entered the rudest. The difference is so profound that you're left wondering when the mutation in Semitic blood occurred, as though God parted the Red Sea and said: Okay, you rude ones, keep wandering toward the Promised Land. The rest of you can stay here and rot in the desert, saying 'welcome, most welcome' and drowning each other in tea until the end of time.

— Tony Horwitz

Maybe you've already guessed by now, and you're sitting there wondering how I could take so long to figure it out. If you are, all I can say is that it's a hell of a lot harder to step back and look at the big picture when you have to keep watching your feet for land mines.

— Benedict Jacka

People are motivated by three things, Rachel. Love ... " A red marker clattered in with the rest. "Revenge ... " A black one landed next to it. "And power," she finished, tossing in a green one. "Trent has enough money to buy all three."
"You forgot one," I said, wondering if I should just keep my mouth shut. "Family.

— Kim Harrison

I see the stars in the sky, and they make me think of life. Of the many plans dwelling inside my mind, but how few memories I have. No matter how hard I try, I can't choose which memories I want to keep or which I can forget. So I've been wondering what's the purpose of creating memories if I can't just keep them all?

— J.C. Reed

Rather than spend so much time wondering if I'm going to get hired, or is it a problem that I've got this black-tar history, I've just got to keep doing what I'm doing and try to be decent.

— Natasha Lyonne

I keep wondering if everybody on the political left had someone who they were separated at birth from.

— Abigail Disney

What were you dreaming about?"
"You." He twisted a lock of her hair around his finger. "I always dream about you."
"Oh, yeah? Because I thought you were having a nightmare."
He tipped his head back to look at her. "Sometimes I dream you're gone," he said. "I keep wondering when you'll figure out how much better you could do and leave me.

— Cassandra Clare

America's 1st Arab spring came in the guise of the Civil War ... when our nation couldn't stomach the abomination of slavery anymore. One can't help keep wondering ... when the next one will come.✌

— Timothy Pina

Keep wondering whether your waking reality is a dream and you will wake up to the real.

— Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

And so you [young Americans]need to be the Idea Generation. The generation who's always thinking on the cutting edge, who's wondering how to create and keep the next wave of American jobs and American innovations, who's figuring out how to out-compete the Idea Generations of Indias and Chinas of the world.

— Barack Obama

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