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Just Do Your Best Quotes

Just do your best. I find that if I set that goal for myself and no one else, I feel good.
— Cobie Smulders —

When things go wrong and will not come right,
Though you do the best you can,
When life looks black as the hour of night,

— Flann O'Brien

Don't limit your imagination,
the best part of your life,
is living your desires.

— Ebelsain Villegas

Just do your best," Mom said. "You can't do any better than your best.

— Kim Wayans

These days, the teenage years are considered a time for socializing with a focus on dating and popularity. When relieved of the pressures of dating too young, I believe a young person is better able to focus on who they really are and find themselves in that crucial time when your personality is beginning to germinate. It's all that time reading, dreaming, and goofing off with fellow oddballs where our best selves get to evolve as teenagers.

— Rainn Wilson

Every movie has its uniqueness. You just do your best and go with it.

— Brenton Thwaites

Just do your best. I find that if I set that goal for myself and no one else, I feel good.

— Cobie Smulders

In regard to music, I just think that it's always best to have an attitude of being a perpetual student and always look to learn something new about music, because there's always something new to learn. Don't dismiss something out of hand because you think it's either beneath you or outside of the realm of where your interests lie.

— David Sanborn

We ask for progress, not perfection. Just do your best.

— James Frey

So perhaps the best resource is to meet everything passively, to make yourself an inert mass, to stare at others with the eyes of an animal, to feel no compunction, with your own hand to throttle down whatever ghostly life remains in you.

— Franz Kafka

You can accomplish so much with a strong will. Just do your best, no matter what. Don't let negative thoughts creep in. Don't talk yourself out of anything.

— Rebecca Twigg

Your memory is your first and best weapon, ladies. Learn to use it.

— Ally Carter

Try your best. That's always been good enough for the people who love you.

— Seanan McGuire

There were times, she knew from experience, when it was best just to continue on rather than to shift directions, even when it didn't seem as if you were getting anywhere. Your chances of success weren't always something you could measure accurately. Perseverance in the face of failure counted for something.

— Terry Brooks

Do a good job. You don't have to worry about the money; it will take care of itself. Just do your best work then try to trump it.

— Walt Disney

"What is your best, your very best, ale a glass?" "Two pence halfpenny," says the landlord, "is the price of the Genuine Stunning Ale." "Then," says I, producing the money, "just draw me a glass of the Genuine Stunning, if you please, with a good head on it."

— Charles Dickens

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