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Jr Beta Quotes

Remember, benchmark performance beta can be had for virtually free; alpha is what active managers are paid to generate.
— Paul McCulley —

Q: Have you been released or are you still a Beta version?
A: No official release of myself will ever follow!
Q: Then, you are not!
A: I

— Rossana Condoleo

If you're in permanent beta in your career, twenty years of experience actually is twenty years of experience because each year will be marked by new, enriching challenges and opportunities. Permanent beta is essentially a lifelong commitment to continuous personal growth. Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'. If

— Reid Hoffman

Honesty is not a virtue, it is a luxury. Most, who struggle to put bread on the table, face this question every day. And hunger wins this game almost every time, beta (son).

— Prashant Chopra

Heartbreak is the natural habitat of the Beta Male.

— Christopher Moore

Beta Males make excellent spies. Not the "James Bond, Aston Martin with missiles, boning the beautiful Russian rocket scientist on an ermineskin bedspread" sort of spy-more the "bad comb-over, deep-cover bureaucrat fishing coffee-sodden documents out of a Dumpster" spy.

— Christopher Moore

When you read a book, you generate beta waves irrespective of the book's content. But if you look up from it, and start watching TV - it doesn't matter what the content of the program is - the beta waves disappear and you start processing alpha and theta waves. These are the same waves that you generate during meditation. Reading is primarily left hemisphere and watching television is primarily right hemisphere. Now how could that not have a major effect on our culture?

— Leonard Shlain

When you're in a major market downturn, the beta eats the alpha.

— Jeffrey Gundlach

Beta decay was ... like a dear old friend. There would always be a special place in my heart reserved especially for it.

— Chien-Shiung Wu

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