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When I first thought of being a writer I had visions of stacks of books in stores with my name on them, that sort of thing. But I never imagined this would be the reaction.
— Augusten Burroughs —

Our lives change in two ways :through the people we meet and the books we read

— Harvey Mackay

Willow Aster Quotes: Books i say firmly im crazy about books
Books," I say firmly. "I'm crazy about books."
He laughs. "Okay. That's cool."
"I like to read them and write them," I say shyly.
Hello, my name is Sparrow and I am a nerd.
"He lifts his eyebrows, and his eyes land on my mouth. "God, everything you say is hot.

— Willow Aster

He had no settled plan of life, nor looked forward at all, but merely lived from day to day. Yet he read a great deal in a desultory manner, without any scheme of study, as chance threw books in his way, and inclination directed him through them.

— James Boswell

Books should confuse. Literature abhors the typical. Literature flows to the particular, the mundane, the greasiness of paper, the taste of warm beer, the smell of onion or quince. Auden has a line: "Ports have names they call the sea." Just so will literature describe life familiarly, regionally, in terms life is accustomed to use
high or low matters not. Literature cannot by this impulse betray the grandeur of its subject
there is only one subject: What it feels like to be alive. Nothing is irrelevant. Nothing is typical.

— Richard Rodriguez

It is books that are a key to the wide world; if you can't do anything else, read all that you can.

— Jane Hamilton

Books ain't no good. A guy needs somebody to be near him

— John Steinbeck

I had been opposed to the practice of dedicating books; I had held that a book is addressed to any reader who proves worthy of it.

— Ayn Rand

Nick Hornby Quotes: Im never going to complain about
I'm never going to complain about receiving free early copies of books, because clearly there's nothing to complain about, but it does introduce a rogue element into one's otherwise carefully plotted reading schedule ...
Being a reader is sort of like being president, except reading involves fewer state dinners, usually. You have this agenda you want to get through, but you get distracted by life events, e.g., books arriving in the mail/World War III, and you are temporarly deflected from your chosen path.

— Nick Hornby

You and I are from two different worlds."
"Nonsense. We have much in common. We both like books, dogs, poems, Sir Walter Scott, dogs - I could go on."
"You listed dogs twice."
"It does not matter; I still made my point."
"No, you haven't.

— Karen Hawkins

Often she had seemed to herself to be moving among those vanished figures of old books and pictures, an invisible ghost among the living, better acquainted with them than with her own friends. she very nearly lost consciousness that she was a separate being, with a future of her own.

— Virginia Woolf

Before parting that night we agreed that the objects of life were to produce good people and good books.

— Virginia Woolf

There's nothing I need or want to know from the writers I admire that isn't in their books. It's better to read a good writer than meet one.

— John Irving

I'd actually read the 'Twilight' books and seen the movies, and I was a fan.

— Judi Shekoni

Ann Packer Quotes: Im happy to see book clubs on tv talking
I'm happy to see book clubs on TV. Talking about books has always been an important and invigorating part of reading them, and it's nice that that is getting attention from the media.

— Ann Packer

I never answer, because I can't, which is my favorite among my own books.

— Guy Gavriel Kay

The wise are above books.

— Samuel Daniel

I will write a couple of books and become a millionaire.

— Stieg Larsson

When I was turning 40, I felt that there were no books out there that hit the spot in terms of what I wanted to read.

— Molly Ringwald

The brass ball spun furiously round his pole. "Ooh, I'll bet you scribble in the margins, don't you? You fiend! You devil! I can see it in your beady little non-spectacled eyes! You're just the type of monster who uses an innocent book to prop open a door or straighten a table with a wobbly leg. Or maybe you only read magazines? Savage!"
"Oh, get off yourself," barked Blunderbuss. "I've eaten more books than you've shelved in your whole weird pinball life and I enjoyed every last one, thanks very much."
"EATEN?!" screeched the brass ball.

— Catherynne M. Valente

Books are a real solace, friendships are good but action is better than all.

— John Burns

It does not answer the aim which God had in this institution, merely for men to have good commentaries and expositions on the Scripture, and other good books of divinity; because, although these may tend, as well as preaching, to give a good doctrinal or speculative understanding of the word of God, yet they have not an equal tendency to impress them on men's hearts and affections. God hath appointed a particular and lively application of his word, in the preaching of it, as a fit means to affect sinners with the importance of religion, their own misery, the necessity of a remedy, and the glory and sufficiency of a remedy provided; to stir up the pure minds of the saints, quicken their affections by often bringing the great things of religion in their remembrance, and setting them in their proper colours, though they know them, and have been fully instructed in them already.

— Jonathan Edwards

Matt Haig Quotes: There are other questions too that
There are other questions too that humans have in bookstores. Such as, is it one of those books they read to feel clever, or one of those they will pretend they never read in order to stay looking clever? Will it make them laugh or cry? Or will it simply force them to stare out of the window watching the tracks of raindrops? Is it a true story? Or is it a false one? Is it the kind of story that will work on their brain or one which aims for lower organs? Is it one of those books that ends up acquiring religious followers or getting burned by them? Is

— Matt Haig

Aubrey didn't know what to think of this. People came here for books. Or, in Ben's case, to drive her crazy.

— Jill Shalvis

No, I'm not a comic book guy. I'm pretty fascinated with the subculture though and I do think that the world of comic books is such a natural transition into film.

— Donal Logue

David Bergen Quotes: As a writer im always aware of the fact
As a writer, I'm always aware of the fact that there are so many books out there.

— David Bergen

I don't write huge books any more. I used to write 1,000 printed pages, but now I write short books. I did one on Napoleon, 50,000 words - enjoyed doing that. He was a baddie. I did one on Churchill, which was a bestseller in New York, I'm glad to say. 50,000 words. He was a goodie.

— Paul Johnson

My head was always in books.

— Kate Bosworth

Stretched out in front of me was my time as an adult, and then a skeleton, and then nothing except perhaps a few books on a few shelves.

— Lemony Snicket

Lloyd Alexander Quotes: Childrens books are written to be read
Children's books are written to be read, adult books are written to be talked about at cocktail parties

— Lloyd Alexander

I create books for six-year-olds. I don't know why that time of my life was so important to me, but no matter what I draw, it always looks like it comes from a children's book. I can't resist. I'll set out to paint a serious picture then think, "Well, maybe there would be a little bunny in that corner."

— Jan Brett

Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire Quotes: For christians the first of books is the
For Christians, the first of books is the Gospel and the Rosary is actually the abridgement of the Gospel.

— Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire

I've always loved books. My mother told me that before I could talk, I'd babble in my crib as I turned the pages of my little cloth books, apparently telling stories to go along with the pictures.

— JoAnn Ross

The world is changing, but I am not changing with it. There is no e-reader or Kindle in my future. My philosophy is simple: Certain things are perfect the way they are. The sky, the Pacific Ocean, procreation and the Goldberg Variations all fit this bill, and so do books. Books are sublimely visceral, emotionally evocative objects that constitute a perfect delivery systemBooks that we can touch; books that we can smell; books that we can depend on. Books that make us believe, for however short a time, that we shall all live happily ever after.

— Joe Queenan

Thomas Ehrlich Quotes: Students learn best not by reading the
Students learn best not by reading the Great Books in a closed room but by opening the doors and windows of experience.

— Thomas Ehrlich

Kirby Larson Quotes: Ive always been a bookworm as i
I've always been a bookworm. As I mentioned, I moved around a lot, and one of the problems with being the new kid is it takes a while to make new friends. But I always had my books.

— Kirby Larson

The unique, compelling, and earnest voice that characterizes Jedediah's weekly columns comes alive with increased vitality in OUTNUMBERED. She shatters leftist stereotypes about conservatives and exposes the myth of liberal tolerance as she relates her interactions with liberals in everyday life. This narrative, interlaced with commentary and impressions, gives us insight into liberals that books merely about abstract principles do not capture. A fascinating read.

— David Limbaugh

When I first thought of being a writer I had visions of stacks of books in stores with my name on them, that sort of thing. But I never imagined this would be the reaction.

— Augusten Burroughs

I think that, like in my writing, reality is always a soap bubble, Silly Putty thing anyway. In the universe people are in, people put their hands through the walls, and it turns out
they're living in another century entirely. I often have the feeling - and it does show up in my books - that this is all just a stage.

— Philip K. Dick

The colleges, while they provide us with libraries, furnish no professors of books; and I think no chair is so much needed.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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