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Jackass 3d Quotes

My proudest moment was when I was in high school, some jackass tried to give me a wedgy. I came prepared, I went commando. It tickled.
— Jared Leto —

You stupid, selfish, philandering coach-class jackass.

— Kate Klise

How about this?" I said, because now it was the principle of the thing. "I'm sorry, jackass.

— Rosemary Clement-Moore

And Nate? You kiss like a slobbering dog, you have bad breath, and you wouldn't know how to punch the right buttons on a girl if we came with manuals. Happy Thanksgiving, Jackass.

— Elizabeth Eulberg

I moved to the counter. A note was propped on the register. Welcome home, Ms. Lane. Arrogant, overconfident jackass.

— Karen Marie Moning

Martin of Sheffield,
Age Twenty-Nine
He kissed her like she knew she was meant to be kissed. He smelled of gardens, tricked her brain into believing she was irresistible, and made the idea of falling in love seem possible again.
But really he was an actor posing as a gardener, who posed as a gentleman during balls in an Austenland estate where she'd gone to find out if she could let her fantasy of Mr. Darcy die at last. Seriously.
Also, he turned out to be a jackass.

— Shannon Hale

A jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one.

— Sam Rayburn

It felt like I had been punched in the gut - a feeling I wasn't accustomed to. I usually guarded myself well in that regard. Wounds in the field were one thing, but these kind, they were sheer stupidity. I may have had the air knocked out of me, but Rafe looked like he had been trampled. Stupid sot.
When I turned to leave, he was standing just a dozen feet away, not even trying to hide his presence. He had seen it all. Apparently the smitten jackass had followed us. He didn't speak when I saw him. I suspected he couldn't.
I brushed past him. "It seems she's true to her word. She isn't the innocent sort, is she?"
He didn't reply. A reply would have been redundant. His face already said it. Maybe now he'd be on his way once and for all.

— Mary E. Pearson

More than one side? You're Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Jackass!

— Chuck Palahniuk

Jackass!" Eve yelled.
"You know, when people say that, I just hear the word awesome," Shane said.

— Rachel Caine

I have learned that one of the most important rules in politics is poise - which means looking like an owl after you have behaved like a jackass.

— Ronald Reagan

My proudest moment was when I was in high school, some jackass tried to give me a wedgy. I came prepared, I went commando. It tickled.

— Jared Leto

I felt like people really do their best work when they're having a really good time and feel safe to push the envelope and make a jackass out of themselves.

— Clark Gregg

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