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Jack Id Quotes

We dont all have to be in the limelight to be reaching our potential, Jack said, keeping his voice even. Theres something to be said for raising a family and being part of my community.
— Colleen Coble —

Someone's at the door! Someone's at the door!!!" they both yelled.
"I just told you, it's my-" I called, knowing they couldn't hear.
"Hey. Get away from the door, you miserable jack-off," I heard Chuck shout at my dad. "I'll rip your ass in half."
"Me too! I'll rip your ass in half, too!!" yelled Johnny Depp. "We hate you. We hate you. We hate you. We hate you."
"You guys, knock it off," I said, racing to open the door. "I just told you ... it's my-Hi, Daddy," I said, hugging him.
"Come on in! Great to see you again!!" screamed Chuck.
"Thank God you're finally here!" screamed Johnny Depp. "We missed you. Where you been? Welcome back! Who are you??

— Merrill Markoe

To the NAR!'
'To freedom!' Jack Chimes in.
Max and I pick up our mugs and click them against everyone else's without looking at each other. I'm afraid that if I do catch his eye, I'll see my own horror at what we're getting ourselves into reflected there, and that the smile on my face will drop off and shatter like glass.

— Emma Pass

(She) got herself a real boyfriend and she was just crazy about him. Not jack rabbit naked and coyote howling crazy, but sugar 'n' butter, soft 'n' sweet crazy.

— Jackson Burnett

Jack leaned over, "Ever get the impression that these women are way out of our league?"
"I shot the last guy who said that to me.

— Julie James

When she first fell in love with Jack, she dreamed she could fly ...

— Eowyn Ivey

My eldest son, Jack, grew up with me as a 'part-time' dad.

— Mike McGavick

I learned about the right jack, double runs, being stuck in the mudhole, and what Andy called "mystic nineteen"-the so-called impossible hand.

— Stephen King

But homegirl don't know jack about hockey!

— Sarah Ockler

I was in love with a lot of people, because I was a student of the game of comedy - Carol Burnett, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, Jackie Gleason, Don Rickles, Red Foxx, Moms Mabley - who gets no credit, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, George Kirby. I loved them all, and I used to just take a page out of all of them.

— Bernie Mac

I'd say that [Louis] Brandeis practiced a kind of a "living originalism," to use the title of Jack Balkin's great book. He said you start with the paradigm case, which in the case of the Fourth Amendment was these general warrants or writs of assistance, but you define it at a level of abstraction that you can take it into our age and make it our own.

— Jeffrey Rosen

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